Do you know this person?


Zeitzeugen – Witnesses

The Life of Lydia Skruzny alias Lilly Gundacker aka Ozlilly

Do you know this person? Who is this?

Did you see what she did? Do you know what she’s done? Where she’s been?

If you know who this is, if you can say something about this person, in Australia, in Germany, in Czechoslovakia, in Switzerland, in Europe, in New Zealand, in USA, in Austria, in Korea, please come with your evidence

An A4 sheet

  1. What do you know about …
  2. Where did you meet …
  3. How did you meet …
  4. When did you first meet …

Be prepared to defend yourself! (Prove you know her before a jury (the other guests!) (~ 2 min)

Print out and hand in at the door.

Well no-body did this, but it was fun for me to ask.