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Mum and Dad and love the world

It’s taken me this long. Mum passed away on August 14th. I was talking to my brother in Australia when he told me that he had a message from another brother. They were in total lockdown in Melbourne. I wanted to come. Even my kids offered to support so I could be with Mum, none of us knowing how long we still had. Then the final news. Mum had just passed. Continue reading

Can’t find the words

Do you know the feeling?
I get all inspired and think of all the fantastic stuff I could share, until I get down to doing it and then don’t know what to say?
I told my physiotherapist this morning that I need a checklist. I am a brain led person, I said, and I read books from front to back, never just spontaneously opening anywhere for inspiration (like my husband!) or, heaven forbid! read the end before even starting! (Like my son!) Continue reading

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