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I Inspire and Motivate Passionate World Changers in Making a Difference

As an Australian living in Austria, as a mother of five children, as a retired international civil servant, as a Unificationist missionary, as an entrepreneur and philosopher - I tell  my story - honestly - bluntly. I share my experiences. I motivate by example. Sometimes I waffle on. I'm learning by doing. I am courageous and everyone tells me I'm strong. I'm leaving my legacy and preparing my memoirs. I'm a communication trainer. So I communicate. I learn. I do. I share.

Hop onto the Lilly Pad

Lilly Gundacker likes to document events; thoughts and ideas. Her passion to share her insights; ideals and philosophy is often expressed when she speaks at a Toastmasters club meeting. She engages herself in NGO activities and a local spiritual community which spans the globe. Her journey in life from Melbourne Australia to the heart of Vienna; Austria gives her a unique "Aussie" touch - which you can hear in her voice. She is famous for her hearty laugh. Calling herself "Ozlilly"; Lilly from Down Under; Lilly of Oz; she has a knack of providing an understanding ear and a keen discernment.

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