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Fly Away With David’s Angels

Flew to Sofia, Bulgaria for a Toastmasters weekend.

District 109 was born in Athens in May. I flew as part of the Austrian team, Division  F for the District 109 Executive Officers Meeting  on Friday 7 September, 2018 together with three of my colleagues. Our Team Leader, David, called us his angels, so we called him Charlie.

What a Team! What a meeting! I just got back and work again tomorrow. So I’m uploading my photos and processing the videos. It was a wonderful experience of team building, not only the Division F Austrian level but the whole of District 109 which comprises Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lichtenstein, FYR Macedonia, San Marina, Switzerland and Vatican City.

I got up early with a few others who came almost straight from the disco, to go to a local spa. We spent an hour in the healing waters full of calcium and magnesium in a traditional Hammam. Well actually, we took an hour, but only spent 20 minutes in the 39 and 42 degrees Celsius hot water pools.

Then it was back to the Toastmasters meeting for the District Council Meeting. A lesson in Parliamentary procedure, some motions and discussions, some photos and it was soon over.

I don’t know who you are. I just know that I have to write what I’m doing. I got home from the airport, late Sunday night and just have to get my photos and videos off my phone so that I can get back to work tomorrow. I ran out of space at the conference because I filmed so many of the presentations. But these will probably not be shared publicly.

And just now I discovered that I am the winner, yes the winner! of the signed book by Diane Fischer Winter.

Have a look at the great blog and YouTube Channel! So inspiring! And buy the book!





It was my day off.  Everybody else had last Wednesday, 15th August, the Feast of the Ascension of Mary off. I was working then. Continue reading

A Year to Clear What is Holding You Back!

I signed up, yes, a year ago and am now at the end where Stephanie Voigt asks us to pay it forward and write a testimony. I did not read my mails every day. I never read all my mails every day. Even though I have a smart phone and can read all my mails on my phone, I mostly wait till I get home, until “when I have time”. But I get home and am tired and hungry, so I make myself something to eat and sit down to watch something. Continue reading

When will I start blogging?

When I have time. When I retire.
Right now, while I am so busy working and doing lots of stuff which some people do not want me to talk or write about, Continue reading

Why I nearly cried today

It is the second Tuesday in the month so there was a Toastmasters meeting at lunchtime. It is the first meeting after handing over the leadership to Sunil. Continue reading


We have moved! That’s the message I am sending out to everyone who sends me an email on my old email address. You are now reading my blog which is hosted on a site administered by Christoph, in his web programming expertise. Even in his travels around Australia, he is my guide and admin for my blog. So now I even have an email address at the same domain. Continue reading

Now I’m 64

When I’m Sixty-Four
The Beatles
redone for The Gundackers

Now that I’m older, grey in my hair
Many years gone by Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day

Mum, you always say you don’t want anything. As a mother of five as well, I could say the same.
You always told me to be grateful. Sometimes I wasn’t, but now I am. Continue reading

Peace Starts With Me #peacestartswithme

Thankyou Diana Fischer for your call to action.
What am I doing to promote peace?
Josef and I committed to each other on July first nineteen-eighty-two. Our motto was “World Peace Through Ideal Families”. Continue reading

Peace Starts With Me Festival

What an inspiring event:

And my old Olympus camera does work afterall! Just needed a battery re-charge.

While waiting for access to photos and videos taken by the rest of the family at the Festival and the Cruise, here’s my humble contribution to the “Peace Starts With Me” reportage. Continue reading

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