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Historical Memories

After a full day of talks, speeches, meetings, museums, sightseeing and visits, I come to the memories of seven years ago when we came here to Padua and signed our peace agreement in Villa Guisti, in the same room that the Armistice was signed at the end of the First World War.
Today was just another chapter in the on-going commitment to contribute to building world peace, one step at a time, one relationship at a time.
Just as seven years ago, many husbands joined their wives on the Women’s Federation for World Peace journey to the three country reunion of Italy, Austria and Slovenia, today too, we saw families, friends and former foes, joined together in the desire to share, to reconcile, to learn, to grow in love and peace.
It was a beautiful sunny day. Some did not appreciate why we went to a war museum, why we looked at the air planes that flew over Vienna. They dropped leaflets of peace. They were Italian planes. So much history. So many impressions. So much film. When will I share them?
Tonight I go to sleep in gratitude. I have shared a tiny fraction of my impressions. As I reflect on the impressions of seven years ago, I am confirmed in my conviction. It was such a precious time. Look who we were with. And we love them still. Dear Maresi and Elvira.

Me and my skin doctor, a year ago

On Monday 9th October 2017, 

 I went to the skin doctor in the afternoon and she burned my face with liquid nitrogen. She told me not to wash my face. I asked her how long. She was very vague. Sounded like she didn’t want me to wash my face at all. She said I would get blisters and look mistreated. In fact, even though I was expecting the treatment, she would have been prepared to make another appointment when I could withdraw from public view and hide myself until it is healed. I said let’s just do it and get it over and done with.
Today, Friday 13th October 2017, I am writing this but not posting it until much later, don’t know yet when.
Took these photos on the train on the way home.

Was enjoying the sunset. Here in Austria, we extend the summer time into October, so even though it was ten minutes to six, the sun had not set yet. But actually, it was really, only ten minutes to five. And before I arrived in Kirchberg, the sun had actually set. However, we are having a warm spell. The sun shone a lot today. I walked across the plaza at lunch-time and made a point of allowing the sun to shine on my eyes.
Then at work we also had a celebration. I am writing this now, but do not plan to publish until a year later. Then it will be interesting to see what was I doing at this time a year ago. Now I should be hiding my face, but I’ll publish the photos of my blistered skin. Need to check the video of the speech today. I just love recording the speeches at work. We do such interesting stuff at work and I am just so fascinated to keep track of it. Again, not really for public sharing, but maybe later.

What’s it like?

New Zealand Prime Minister is the youngest in the world, the first woman in 30 years to have a baby while head of state, what’s it like?

I had to reflect on my story and start to work a little harder on telling it.


I joined together snippets of videos taken over the last couple of years touching on topics which have been preoccupying me.
I touch on the role-change that Josef and I made when I began full-time work in Vienna in 1999 after completing the PC-User course with the AMS – the Austrian unemployment service (Arbeits Markt Service).
I mention moving from the fourth floor apartment in Linz to the house with a garden in Zwettl, though some of the details there have been cut off. I reflect on the feeling that I became a real “house-wife” when we had a garden and fruit trees and berry bushes and vegetables growing. I began making jams and compote and fruit juice syrups. I took my small children to music school and exercise class and kindergarten. Then we did the role change.
I have just bought a number of books from Stephen Covey and see a real potential for sharing.
As a Certified Communications Trainer, due to retire from a regular job within a year, I am now planning my future agenda.
I can imagine giving motivational training and courses to promote principle values. I have a wealth of experience to draw on.

Fly Away With David’s Angels

Flew to Sofia, Bulgaria for a Toastmasters weekend.

District 109 was born in Athens in May. I flew as part of the Austrian team, Division  F for the District 109 Executive Officers Meeting  on Friday 7 September, 2018 together with three of my colleagues. Our Team Leader, David, called us his angels, so we called him Charlie.

What a Team! What a meeting! I just got back and work again tomorrow. So I’m uploading my photos and processing the videos. It was a wonderful experience of team building, not only the Division F Austrian level but the whole of District 109 which comprises Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lichtenstein, FYR Macedonia, San Marina, Switzerland and Vatican City.

I got up early with a few others who came almost straight from the disco, to go to a local spa. We spent an hour in the healing waters full of calcium and magnesium in a traditional Hammam. Well actually, we took an hour, but only spent 20 minutes in the 39 and 42 degrees Celsius hot water pools.

Then it was back to the Toastmasters meeting for the District Council Meeting. A lesson in Parliamentary procedure, some motions and discussions, some photos and it was soon over.

I don’t know who you are. I just know that I have to write what I’m doing. I got home from the airport, late Sunday night and just have to get my photos and videos off my phone so that I can get back to work tomorrow. I ran out of space at the conference because I filmed so many of the presentations. But these will probably not be shared publicly.

And just now I discovered that I am the winner, yes the winner! of the signed book by Diane Fischer Winter.

Have a look at the great blog and YouTube Channel! So inspiring! And buy the book!





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