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How are you?

In this time of Corona Virus confinement –oops – are we in the mode of not mentioning our most talked about problem right now? Anyhow, not sure just yet. Continue reading

You Call this a Blog?

You know what a blog is? It’s an online diary. And what’s a diary? A daily journal. Continue reading

End of the old, the Beginning of the new

It’s the end of the old, the beginning of the new. I’m grateful to finally review the year and get an annual report together. I’m hereby sending you my best wishes for the New Year. There is more in my blog and in a 20 minute video. It touches on my wealth of experiences of the last twelve months. Continue reading

When is Christmas Day?

I was listening to the radio on Christmas Eve (24 December in Austria) and was surprised that the moderator said it was Christmas Day; in German: Weihnachts Tag. Continue reading

This year’s Turkey

The photo caption on FaceBook was “This year’s turkey”. That’s all it is, the Christmas turkey, then I took another photo with the Christmas wreath in the background. Continue reading

Secret Santa

Last year we began with Secret Santa. Instead of everyone getting something for everyone, everyone gets something for SOMEONE on behalf of everyone. Continue reading

Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve in the morning.
Down Under it’s already ten hours ahead. We’ll be getting together here in Vienna Continue reading

Ask Me and I’ll Tell You

So last weekend we were in Niedernhausen doing ancestor liberation. Today my mailbox has this email message: Release Yourself from Family Karma. Just confirms my conviction that the world is opening up. Continue reading

I love Vienna

Just began downloading to edit my videos on Christoph’s recommendation. Continue reading

Don’t Tell Me What to Do!

This is something from my inbox this morning. Exactly right. What am I afraid of?
They’ll think I’m no good. All those videos and how much is worth anything? Who’s got time to go through all that rubbish? Continue reading

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