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Why I nearly cried today

It is the second Tuesday in the month so there was a Toastmasters meeting at lunchtime. It is the first meeting after handing over the leadership to Sunil. Continue reading


We have moved! That’s the message I am sending out to everyone who sends me an email on my old email address. You are now reading my blog which is hosted on a site administered by Christoph, in his web programming expertise. Even in his travels around Australia, he is my guide and admin for my blog. So now I even have an email address at the same domain. Continue reading

Now I’m 64

When I’m Sixty-Four
The Beatles
redone for The Gundackers

Now that I’m older, grey in my hair
Many years gone by
Where are all those letters that you sent to me
Where are all the letters that I sent to you
What if I came and you had met me
Would we have made it through?
Who could have seen it, who could have known it
Only Reverend Moon
What did he see in us
And because you said the word
I could come to you
You were so handy, taking the kids
When your work was done
You can cook and bake and still mend a fuse
Sunday mornings going to town
Doing the garden, planting the veg
Who could ask for more
How did we make it, how did we reach this
Now I’m sixty-four
Every Sunday we went to the Hofburg
With our choir boys, one after the other
Yes we scrimped and saved
No grandchildren to be seen
Five boys well behaved
You sent me letters, called on the phone
With a calling card
You went to Denmark, Belgium and Holland
I ended up in Canberra
You gave your answer. Then we met
Madison Square Garden
Now I still need you, do you still need me
Now I’m sixty-four

Happy Mother’s Day

Mum, you always say you don’t want anything. As a mother of five as well, I could say the same.
You always told me to be grateful. Sometimes I wasn’t, but now I am. Continue reading

Peace Starts With Me #peacestartswithme

Thankyou Diana Fischer for your call to action.
What am I doing to promote peace?
Josef and I committed to each other on July first nineteen-eighty-two. Our motto was “World Peace Through Ideal Families”. Continue reading

Peace Starts With Me Festival

What an inspiring event:

And my old Olympus camera does work afterall! Just needed a battery re-charge.

While waiting for access to photos and videos taken by the rest of the family at the Festival and the Cruise, here’s my humble contribution to the “Peace Starts With Me” reportage. Continue reading

Am I becoming like my mother

Am I becoming like my mother who doesn’t want to get a new stove when her old 60 year old one still works, despite the broken grill function? Or the air conditioner which probably uses a ton of electricity and makes a lot of noise, but still cools the air? Or the veranda roof, which Nathan wanted to replace when he was Down Under last year, but she said she will not replace anything that still works. Well it was actually leaking so I told, George, my youngest brother to tell her that it does not still work and needs to be replaced. Continue reading

My Mum’s Advice to You

What advice would a ninety year old mother of five give to future generations? Continue reading

Mum’s Biography

I came for her birthday and decided we finally have to get this biography done. After 90 years you certainly could have something to say. Mum says she has lived so long she can talk about anything you mention. In fact as soon as you say something, she will tell you the stories she knows. Continue reading

Interview with nearly 90 year old Mum

Mum told me how the farmers in Europe used to shovel their stables out onto the street to brag about how well off they were.
Next clip is about how she was working in a carpet factory in Australia and told them that she was pregnant. Her colleagues asked her why she admitted being pregnant. Continue reading

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