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UN Women Lightbearers

I’m writing this full of inspiration of what we did today. Continue reading

What’s it like?

New Zealand Prime Minister is the youngest in the world, the first woman in 30 years to have a baby while head of state, what’s it like? Continue reading

Anniversary Celebration of Women’s Federation for World Peace in Upper Austria and new Ambassadors for Peace

I put together a PowerPoint of photos which I found from my time in Linz 1990-1996. I could not find a diary or any other material, leaflets, just a couple of digital files and photos on synology. Continue reading

Gender Balanced Leadership

WiN Global- Women in Nuclear- and IAEA- International Atomic Energy Agency- together with Professional Women’s Peace Network (PWN) held an event at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna on Monday evening 12 June 2017. Continue reading

Reflections on Motherhood

I am a mother of five boys. My mother was a mother of five. She had four boys and me. My happiest moment today, on Mother’s Day, is to hear from my second son, that he made MY mother happy today! Continue reading

Letting go

It’s all about letting go.

I sometimes felt like my Mum clung to me and couldn’t let go. Continue reading

Being a Mum

When did I commit to writing a blog? When did I start? What have I shared? Continue reading

In Memoriam Elisabeth Riedl

Dear Elisabeth,

You were behind all the activities of the Women’s Federation in Europe and Austria for the past decades. You gave everything, and now even your life. This is how I will remember you: Continue reading

Ambassadors for Peace Session II

Empowering Young Women as Agents of Peace: Why Girls are Radicalizing Continue reading

Session II Ms Valentine Nkoyo

Empowering Young Women as Agents of Peace: Why Girls are Radicalizing Continue reading

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