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Mum’s Biography

I came for her birthday and decided we finally have to get this biography done. After 90 years you certainly could have something to say. Mum says she has lived so long she can talk about anything you mention. In fact as soon as you say something, she will tell you the stories she knows. Continue reading

Interview with nearly 90 year old Mum

Mum told me how the farmers in Europe used to shovel their stables out onto the street to brag about how well off they were.
Next clip is about how she was working in a carpet factory in Australia and told them that she was pregnant. Her colleagues asked her why she admitted being pregnant. Continue reading

Todd Burrier

Have I written about him yet? I certainly should have. One of my prime mentors who inspires me almost daily! A few years ago, I translated for a daylong seminar with Todd Burrier in Vienna. This time, I had the privilege to just be a part of the audience. As we arrived he was in the corridor meeting and greeting the incoming visitors. When you hear his vlogs, you know, that is Todd, through and through. He thanks YOU for being allowed to serve you! Is that leadership with heart? I do remember writing about this! It just inspires me so much. I did buy the English version of his book from Amazon, after purchasing the German one for him to sign, which I gave to Josef.

Happy 70th Birthday Herbert Giller

Dear Herbert,
You gave us all a wonderful presentation of all your life and activities and projects. You invited us all to share and celebrate with you. Thank you for inviting us and allowing us to share this wonderful evening with you


I do hope you share your presentation. It was very interesting to see and a wonderful document of your investment.
Hope you enjoy the jade plant, marmite, vegemite and home made jam and juice (made by Josef).

Link to English version of book: What Comes after Capitalism?

Gender Balanced Leadership

WiN Global- Women in Nuclear- and IAEA- International Atomic Energy Agency- together with Professional Women’s Peace Network (PWN) held an event at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna on Monday evening 12 June 2017. Continue reading

In Memorium Maresi (Maria Teresia) Silberbauer

Oh no! Another precious sister leaves our physical realm to enter the Spirit World. Continue reading

In Memoriam Elisabeth Riedl

Dear Elisabeth,

You were behind all the activities of the Women’s Federation in Europe and Austria for the past decades. You gave everything, and now even your life. This is how I will remember you: Continue reading


Dinkel or spelt wheat 

Spelt (Triticum spelta), also known as dinkel wheat, or hulled wheat, is a species of wheat cultivated since approximately 5000 BC. Spelt was an important staple  Continue reading

Ambassadors for Peace Session II

Empowering Young Women as Agents of Peace: Why Girls are Radicalizing Continue reading

Session II Ms Valentine Nkoyo

Empowering Young Women as Agents of Peace: Why Girls are Radicalizing Continue reading

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