About me

hmmm, what is this?
hmmm, what is this? Youngest son in the background …

This was me a few years ago.

I’m an Australian living in Austria. I have a loving husband and gifted children.

This is my past. We enjoy living in the Austrian countryside, not too far from Vienna, surrounded by vineyards.

Now we live in the centre of Vienna close to everything.

I am a  Communication and Organisation Trainer and civil society advisor,  a native speaker with lots of NGO and Civil Society experience.

Now I am also an International Civil Servant Retiree. That means I finished working at the United Nations in Vienna and now can enter the “UNO City” freely with my pensioner pass.

I actively support the V.I.C. Toastmasters Club as IT Support.

I also returned to more public support of the NGO WFWPI Women’s Federation for World Peace International – which I represented as an NGO Representative at the UN in Vienna before starting to work for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
I lead a young Social Media Team and together we are enhancing each other in interdependence and learning by doing.
I have a Facebook group called “Learning by Doing“.
I am also a consultant and motivation trainer for people who want to work at the United Nations.
I have another Facebook group called “Dream Job UN“,

In the video posted below you see as my backdrop a piece of art located within the United Nations Building, the Vienna International Centre (VIC) in Vienna. It is in the passage-way as you go from the Rotunda to wards the cafeteria on your right.

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