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Raben Mutter

Can I write my diary like my blog? I took photos of my steak yesterday, but no other shots of people, the place, the event. There was a selfie by David as we left Vienna. There was a group photo at the end. There was that good talk with John Fenessey at the Restaurant over dinner. Continue reading

I was a full-time tricycle engine manufacturer

I was a full-time tricycle engine manufacturer for ten years.

I was a research officer at the Institute for Child Development and Interpersonal Relationships

I led a long-term research programme in the laboratory Continue reading

Christmas not in Vienna #2

Our traditional Christmas in Vienna for the past fifteen years or so, has been our boys going to the Imperial Palace, first as Vienna Choir Boys, and now as ushers and ticket sellers, to the Hofburg Christmas mass, in the Imperial Chapel in the heart of Vienna. Continue reading

Blue Man

2014-12-12_21-46-28424-cr-wFinally, the Vienna 2014-12-12_21-45-31512-wBoys Choir has their own concert hall in the middle of the city of Vienna. Continue reading


It is the time of year when many look back, some look forward. Here in Europe, as the days are still getting shorter and shorter and darker and darker, we look forward to Christmas. I look forward to the 21st December which marks the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. I am already rejoicing that soon the days will start getting longer again. Yet this year our Christmas lights went up earlier than ever before! We have a strand of coloured lights and a strand of white lights on the balcony. A lovely welcome when I come home from work.

IMG_20141212_205319108_HDR-wWe went to another concert yesterday. Continue reading


A round birthday. And what a birthday celebration it was! some photos and videos coming! Thank you everybody!


Do you know this person?


Zeitzeugen – Witnesses

The Life of Lydia Skruzny alias Lilly Gundacker aka Ozlilly

Do you know this person? Who is this? Continue reading

Summer time and school’s out

I live in Austria where summer officially begins on June 21st. Nevertheless, we are enjoying a long Pentecost holiday weekend with thirty degree heat, sunshine, the pool’s open across the road and school is out at least for another one of my boys. Continue reading


This was going to be an inspiring testimony of how wonderful the new Vienna Boys Choir concert hall, The Muth, is.

It was last Saturday night

Continue reading



U-Music Premierre

Wonderful performance of a brand new musical by former Vienna Choir Boys and students at the Upper Grammar School of the Vienna Boys Choir.

Repeat performance on Wednesday:

The performance on Saturday night, 19th October 2013 played to a full house. The new concert hall of the Vienna Boys Choir, MuTh, which represents Music and Theatre was filled to the last seat. Continue reading

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