U-Music Premierre

Wonderful performance of a brand new musical by former Vienna Choir Boys and students at the Upper Grammar School of the Vienna Boys Choir.

Repeat performance on Wednesday:


The performance on Saturday night, 19th October 2013 played to a full house. The new concert hall of the Vienna Boys Choir, MuTh, which represents Music and Theatre was filled to the last seat. Of course many of those present were family and friends of the Vienna Boys Choir. But nobody expected such a spectacular presentation of wit and talent in music and acting, screen play, production and set. We came as a family and received friendly and surprised greetings of: “Oh, wow, really, the whole family!” as all five of our former Vienna Choir Boys came, four to watch their brother and the youngest to play a lead role as Einstein.

The story was brilliantly presented and plays in an underground railway station in the year 2100 when singing has been forbidden. Talented young ladies and gentlemen presented Freddie Mercury, Falco, Mozart, Salieri, George Harrison, Charly Chaplin, Doris Day and many others.


Upper Grammar School of the Vienna Boys Choir premier performance