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My kids can cook

I love my kids. What a blessing!
Each day I watch my Krimis, get on the home-trainer, have my fruit snack, mostly miss all my meetings. It’s my Project 2020 Health Year. I’m not doing anything else.
This week I joined the Austrian online prayer meeting on Monday morning and on Wednesday evening the European/Middle East one. Then there was the women’s meeting too. I failed to respond to the query about my health. I was temporarily preoccupied in trying to change my profile photo from the one in the hospital. I could not click onto the unmute button in time to respond. I hardly spend any time at the computer doing that admin and meeting stuff. I’ve missed the Toastmasters meetings. I’m taking care of my health, getting a footbath, cycling on the home trainer, talking to my kids. Anyhow, thanks for asking.
I’m getting better and better.
Today, Thursday 20th August 2020 I was at physiotherapy again. Tomorrow I have my hospital check-up. Hopefully they can book the next knee operation. The one leg is still quite swollen and sore. I’m still taking strong medication and can’t really say how effective it is. I know I often have pain and so I take pain killers.
When today the physiotherapist asked where, when and what sort of pain, I could not give specific details. He showed me a few more exercises. I should do them until it hurts, but the pain should not be getting worse each day. Nathan came with me this time. Godwin was with me last week.
When I mentioned that I’m not so good with memorizing the exercises, Nathan was already taking notes on his mobile phone and sent me the summary at the end of the meeting.:-). Then at home he cooked us lunch.
Last week Godwin helped me to make a list of the exercises when we got home. That was before he went to the hospital with a broken arm. He also watched over me as I climbed up the stairs.

Climbing stairs after knee op
Getting better and better

What we do for love!
Yes, my kids love me. I love my kids. We love each other. Josef said the other day how this whole drama has turned to bear good fruit as now we see the kids much more. On his way to come here to help me, Godwin tripped and grazed his knees, his hands and then even ended up with a broken bone and got a plaster caste! This did not stop him from coming again on Monday. He said he already helped me with the footbath last Thursday with his good hand, so there’s nothing to stop him again this time.
When Josef came home today we ate together with Nathan. After that we had an honest discussion.
Finally our children have been able to tell us about their dearest friends.
They used to tease us about doing to us what we did to our parents. They know the stories of the moonies who left home to join a commune. I was already living away from home, but I gave up my long yearned for private apartment and eventually even my prestige position as student nurse representative at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH). That’s what really bothered my mother the most. Why couldn’t I just do that stuff in the Catholic Church? Despite the nursing administrator’s futile effort to postpone my departure and her offer to defer for a year before resigning, I was convinced that the Divine Principle was true and I chose to believe the suggestions that I was indeed special because I was called and understood. Many are called but few are chosen. (Matthew 22:11-14)
Seventy-one others could also be student nurse representative of the 1975 student intake at RMH. Only I had understood the call of the messiah, the True Parent of humankind. And anyhow, in a few years when the world is restored we won’t need hospitals anymore. They will all be kindergartens. Such was my faith.
Miraculously, forty-five years later, three continents, a matching, a blessing and many other experiences, missions and assignments after that, we still live in faith. Today we read the speeches of the since departed Reverend Moon each morning and we watch in awe as we see the, prime minister of Cambodia and the prime minister of Canada together with Ban Ki Moon, testify to Mother Moon and the Heavenly Parents Holy Community. We got up at two-thirty in the morning of Sunday 9 August to participate in the #rallyofhope. We joined millions of people world-wide in an augmented reality live presentation.
And today we have started a new chapter in our family life.
After years of faith, hope and love, sacrifice and longing, we have come to a deeper understanding of the true heart of God. The Heavenly Parent is our father and mother. He loves unconditionally. He hopes, believes and trusts in his children.
Today our youngest son told us about a relationship which he no longer wanted to conceal from us. Were we being dishonest? Have we lowered our standards?
Our children have grown up. They are taking responsibility. Just as we decided to leave the Roman Catholic Church to join the Unification Church, our children are standing up for what they believe in. they are taking responsibility. Well you know, I never even really left the Catholic Church. I felt that the Divine Principle was the fulfilment of all I learned and believed from my catholic upbringing.
Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again.
Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth.
All this I saw fulfilled in the teachings of Reverend Moon. He never wanted to start a new religion. In fact he even abolished the Unification Church and said what we really need is true families. The Unification Church was replaced by the Family Federation for World Peace. And now we have the Heavenly Parents Holy Community.
So our true family is finally honest enough to talk about what is in our hearts. We look forward to growing closer together and embracing all our brothers and sisters in God’s true family. Our vision to fulfil the mission of true parents begins in our primary relationships.
Now I’ve spent all day with my family and now in writing my reflection. I’ve neglected my primary mission 2020 health and missed my footbath, home-trainer and krimi. So, just remember, there is a season for every purpose under heaven.
So I thought I once quoted  the bible verse Ecclesiastes 3:1 and the song turn, turn, turn.
Some people think I can’t stop working. I am driven. This year I am really riding on the relaxation wave with watching all these television shows, currently following Navy CIS and Bones after FBI finished. I haven’t even looked at Hawaii 5-0. Mainly because I really don’t want to spend all day in front of the TV. So you see, even now in this year of Project 2020 Health, I can’t just waste my life watching others do exciting things. My idea of typing up my old diaries and writing my memoirs, editing my videos and cataloguing all my photos – they are all still projects of mine. When I have time.
We just watched the Rosenheim Cops together. Josef is working on his document and I’m ready to go live with this next blog post. I just did my 30 minutes on the home-trainer. Yes, I’m getting better and better. Thanks for asking.

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Lilly Gundacker is an Australian living in Austria, now in Vienna. With a loving husband and gifted adult children' she excels at Communication, Family, Marriage and is an Organizational expert. As a retired International Civil Servant and dedicated Unificationist she motivates, inspires, engages, and makes a difference!

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Adot Killmeyer-Oleche
Adot Killmeyer-Oleche
3 years ago

Wow, Lily. This is fantastic! I only just read it. Life is like that. I could not pay proper attention to this until today. I’m just sorry the it took me so long. Thank you for sharing. I wish you a speedy and strong recovery.

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