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Raben Mutter

Can I write my diary like my blog? I took photos of my steak yesterday, but no other shots of people, the place, the event. There was a selfie by David as we left Vienna. There was a group photo at the end. There was that good talk with John Fenessey at the Restaurant over dinner. Continue reading

Me and my skin doctor, a year ago

On Monday 9th October 2017, 

 I went to the skin doctor in the afternoon and she burned my face with liquid nitrogen. Continue reading


Dinkel or spelt wheat 

Spelt (Triticum spelta), also known as dinkel wheat, or hulled wheat, is a species of wheat cultivated since approximately 5000 BC. Spelt was an important staple  Continue reading

Dear Christina

Dear Christina,

you are so precious and courageous sharing your situation on FaceBook. Why not? Then of course everyone knows someone who knows a miracle cure which you just must try, it will surely work. Continue reading

World Cancer Day Debunk the Myth

World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day

???????February 4th is World Cancer Day. At the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, The Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT) hosted a lunch-time event Continue reading

Taekwondo Gala Benefit Performance for Debra

Timi has been preparing for months and very intensely the past week for the Gala benefit performance for a medical charity.


It just so happens that Josef has also fundraised for this charity. Josef and I went to Vienna to the Orpheum Theatre for the ten year benefit performance of Young Ung Taekwondo school, by Dr Andreas Held. Continue reading

Free Access to Medical Knowledge?


Sharing ideas

This article

published today in Austria raises issues of ownership and access to information of public interest – in this case medical information. Very interesting to me as I surfed the internet on the weekend to research the differences between TIA, TGA, stroke, mini-stroke to arm myself for all the questions I had for my GP this morning.

(God Bless Dame Margaret Thatcher+)

Continue reading


What on earth is that? you’ll ask (unless of course you live in Vienna lol).

Luftaufnahme SMZO 1998_1922

SMZO link to video about this medical institution in German language in Vienna, Austria

SMZO  is a network of medical institutions administering hospitals and medical educational institutions. Having had my share of hospital visits during my life, what with tonsils out, a car accident in the eighth month of pregnancy, five children, an emergency appendectomy, a year in practice at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and some time in the Swiss medical system, I was quite impressed by what I experienced in the Donau Spital in Vienna.

Have times changed or is this hospital different?

Continue reading


This is what I was photographing on my way home when it happened. It is the DC Twin Towers in the process of being built. Every day at work the first thing I do is go to the window and take a photo of the growing DC Twin Towers. Since I have quite a collection of photos from my office, I have taken a few from other angles and on the way back to the Underground after doing some aqua aerobics, I stopped at the traffic light to take a shot in the dark. Continue reading

Cultural contextualization

That’s my new buzz word. I spent three weeks in Korea, in beautiful countryside, with incredible people, had an amazing experience. Now I’m still taking time to digest all I experienced. The area is here:, the CheongShim International Medical Center is on the same complex, together with other institutions

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