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I’ve just done a bit of research into the “Made for Kids” category of videos on YouTube.
I didn’t know about the million-dollar settlement of Google and YouTube in America. I make a point of NOT watching too much news and television. So, it should be no surprise that I was ignorant of this development. I am only now delving into the consequences since Google and YouTube impact me here living in Europe.

I just had to get on camera and record my research for my “Learning by Doing” group on Facebook. I figured if it affects me, it could also affect you too.


So, beginning my research, I came to the conclusion first that this must be just an American thing.
Hey, I worked at the United Nations and lots of things are determined by America. They are after all, the primary financial contributor.
Is that bad?
There are lots of opinions about that.

Who Pays?

You know the saying: He who pays the piper calls the tune…
As a conscientious diplomat, I recognize there is good and also not so good in almost anything.
However, I have learned to seek for, and multiply the good, to make it even better.
I clicked on a lot of links in my research about the “Made for Kids” function in YouTube. I came across one legal document which seemed to question the whole issue of monetization in general, even apart from the moral aspect of targeting children.
I have thought a lot about this, and I was happy to see that that too is being addressed.
Perhaps you have never thought about it?


I mean, I know that so much of what we consume on the internet is sponsored by commercial interest. And there are YouTubers who make a living by posting videos.
Our world has changed so much from the times of my childhood. Does it remind you of stories about “When I was young…” from your parents?

Yesterday at the VIC Toastmasters End-of-Year-Party I was asked whether I really believe we will have a world of peace. I confidently and emphatically answered YES!

World Peace

It followed a lot of sharing and discussion about working at the United Nations, voluntary service, NGO activities, retirement from civil service. I could refer to a number of events of my NGO and my own experience as an NGO representative fifteen years ago, ten years as a UN Staff member and then again as an NGO representative. I noted the great change I perceive in the UNODC now really welcoming, encouraging, and seeking the input from Non-Government Organizations and Civil Society, compared to 15 years ago.

A whole day has passed since I began writing this. It was initially intended to address making playlists on YouTube.

It is also my daily journal, reminder to myself to focus.

Here’s the link to the video.


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