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Susan in Australia

November 23, 2022 in Blog

Susan Dale joined the Unification Church before I did. She was studying as a student nurse at Royal Children’s Hospital. I joined in August 1975 when I was studying just down the road at Royal Melbourne Hospital.
Actually it was Susan that approached me first and asked me if she could ask me a question. I said I don’t have time. Then the whole time sitting at the hairdresser’s I kept wondering what it was she wanted to ask me.
So when I came out and Sandy approached me, I was ready.


Susan, you were the centre leader in Adelaide before I took over.
You told me of struggles and pits and challenges in the early mission days.
I experienced some of that as a church centre leader then in Adelaide and Canberra.

You told me how you were born pre-materely and nobody thought you would survive. Miraculously, you did!
Then you had serious kidney complications which you also mastered, with constant challenges and treatments.
I remember wondering why you always used so much hand cream and moisturizing lotion. I had oily skin and yours was dry.

Spiritual grandmothers

You spoke of Annette and Sigrin the spiritual grandmothers of our movement in Oceania.

I was astounded at your orderly manner and how you kept a pencil case and notebook even in the most austere circumstances.
You know what you wanted and worked diligently to acquire what you needed to get it.

Madison Square Garden
We were blessed at the same time in Madison Square Garden. You ended up going to Russia, you were in the USA, then in the UK.

Some 30 years after leaving Australia, we both met in Schmitten in 2010. You gave me the book “Emotion Code”.

We never really worked together because we were both church leaders, sent on separate paths to lead and grow.

I had my five children quickly and you had to wait and pray and hope. And you won. You succeeded. I was so happy for you.

Send off
Now we send you off.
To pioneer a new course.
Susan, thank you for your investment, for your heart, for your tenacity, for your endurance. For your love and compassion. For all your work supporting the blessed family movement, the BFD.

I thought we took a photo in Schmitten. If I find it, I will post it.
Susan, you will be missed and are loved.
I am so happy that life goes on eternally in the spiritual world.


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