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Time Out
Attitude is everything. When asked: Are you sick? I could not say “yes”. That is not my identity!

I know the power of thought, The power of prayer, the power of thinking into results.

My mentors have taught me to focus on what I want, not on what I don’t want. Despite my health crisis and emergency treatment by my son, the ambulance paramedic, I can take this time off for myself and still know, I have a mission to fulfil.

It may be just be myself.
It may be to tell my story.
It may be to be visible.
It may be to tell you about the Healy.
It may be to share the story of Bob Proctor and Vivienne Posch and the power of Thinking into Results.
Or it may even be to witness to Mother Moon and the incredible time we are all living in right now.

My Mission

Is my mission to be a mentor for people who want to work at the United Nations?
Is my mission to host zoom meetings for women NGOs?
Is my mission to encourage digital illiterates with step-by-step training webinars?
Is my mission to encourage my husband in his quest to tackle the concept of character education in dealing with sexual education in schools?
Is it my job to ask for the recording of the last Toastmasters meeting to post it to the YouTube channel?

Yes, yes, yes and yes and more than that. (But no to the last one!)

I am a mother

It is the age of women. Some of you may not have yet realized this, however, it is so.
All areas of the universe are transmitting frequencies showing us that the age of women leaders has come.
I look to Mother Moon and the Women’s Federation for World Peace she established over thirty years ago.
I am in an amazing network of women who all know we can only lead with heart, with love, with sensitivity, with feeling and compassion.

A little while ago I expressed that I felt a certain lack of feminine influence in my life. I grew up with four brothers and then had five sons.
I wanted a sister while growing up. I wanted a daughter until my fifth son was born.

Now I have joined Joy Martina’s Golden Goddess Circle. I have joined Crystal Women with Diana Fischer and Hilde Wieman.
I am at the tail-end of a year of mentoring with Christine Schlonski in Heart Sells and Spiritual Money.
I radically retreated from front-line projects with the women’s federation after attending an executive weekend retreat.

What Happened?

In this age of women, women’s leadership, and global accessibility, I have managed to stage a tiny: TIME OUT!
My kids ask me whether I am suffering from FOMO. Yes, of course. I think of all the projects I have contributed to.
My Mastermind buddies tell me I have reached a terror barrier. Am I self sabotaging just when it’s time to charge forward?

Why do I feel like I am missing out, after contributing so substantially for so long?

I recently went into my Toastmasters projects and my next assignment is about leadership. Now I have been supporting the United Nations Toastmasters club in Vienna since 2010 as an active committee member. I initiated the purchase of multimedia equipment and set up the YouTube channel to share the recordings of the club meetings. The equipment has become redundant and nobody else contributes to the YouTube channel. Apart from that, some members were super sensitive about public sharing so you’ll hardly find anything visible on the channel.

My conclusion?
Leadership has to include education and communication. As a leader in Toastmasters, my biggest challenge was to communicate effectively with my team. Even though I received the Area Director of the Year Award in 2019, my ambitious mind tells me we can do so much more. I set up the YouTube channel to publish recordings of the club meetings to be accessible to registered current members who login to the club management site. I created webinars to show how to use that club management site effectively.

Is it ever enough?

No, I never feel like it is enough. Right now I want to say so much more. At least that tells me I need to write more often.

Meanwhile, check out my video: here


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Lilly Gundacker

Lilly Gundacker is an Australian living in Austria, now in Vienna. With a loving husband and gifted adult children' she excels at Communication, Family, Marriage and is an Organizational expert. As a retired International Civil Servant and dedicated Unificationist she motivates, inspires, engages, and makes a difference!

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