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February 26, 2023 in Blog

I’ve been a bit withdrawn the last couple of weeks. I am so conscious and aware of my state. I could tell you how I have analyzed the situation. I feel like it is still a bit sensitive. So, I’ll express my vulnerability in a different way.

My brutal intelligence tells me I have created my own health issues because I was looking for a solution to my dilemma.

Since I could not just say no myself, my body had to pull the strings and I experienced an emergency.

Finally, I permitted myself to NOT attend several meetings each day, I literally cancelled some events I had planned to attend and I’m pretty sure, I even ended up, not really speaking out my situation, as I dealt with my health issues and missed some meetings I may have been expected to attend.

Why so vague and roundabout?

I’m still waiting for a couple of tests to find out what’s really going on medically. However, in my own mind, I am so convinced of the power of “Thinking into Results”. I know I have created my own reality.

It has been such an amazing exercise, the lasts couple of weeks, to observe my negative attitude, to feel the low frequencies and to struggle with gaining a positive attitude and become master/mistress of my situation!

I may have already vlogged about this. It was while consciously observing and struggling with my self-pity, poor-me attitude. I was lying in the Computer Tomography (CT) machine for the fourth time in two days and suddenly I was overcome with intense gratitude. It never was a “Why me?” situation. It was just a conscious knowing that I am dealing with issues and allowing myself to become negatively affected. I even knew I need to feel and think thoughts of gratitude to raise my frequency.

In that desire to feel grateful

And in that desire to feel grateful, it came to me. I was not the victim with the acute stomach pain which nobody could explain. I was the loving mother of five sons, one of whom decided to become a paramedic, who then came at midnight and administered an I.V. when I was not even capable of asking for help.

I was not the unfortunate individual whose kidney stones finally caught up with her and landed her in emergency treatment. The kidney stones were all gone!

Suddenly, everything took on a new perspective. Here I was, just a block away from where I live. I walked to the doctor. Then across the road to the diagnostic centre. Then I could even walk home for a cup of tea before returning for the next tests forty-five minutes later.

I feel so blessed.

I had to think of Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Syria. There are people suffering all over the world. How can I complain? The tears of gratitude flowed down my face. Later I was puzzled about my sopping wet mask when I left the clinic.

Vienna will be lifting the face-mask requirement at the end of February. I figure maybe I picked up some weird virus. I’m coughing, just a little. I feel still a bit depressed, just a little. I feel lack of energy. And sometimes I have a slight headache. I am so convinced of thinking into results. I just know as I express more and more of my gratitude, more and more positive frequencies are created.

So, now Alois, thank you for asking about Athens.

It was in 2018. And because I was still working full-time I hardly shared a thing about it.

So back to more rhymes of gratitude. In 2018 I was Area Director for Toastmasters International Area F2.

In May of 2018 I returned to Greece, which I had visited briefly on my way to Turkey just before the war on Cyprus. So when people asked me whether I had ever been to Greece before, well, it was a bit like my attitude about visiting Korea.

I’d love to spend more time and do a real tourist trip. I was just passing through and attending meetings and not capable of feeling gratitude.

Now in retrospect, I appreciate what great experiences I had, what wonderful people I met, what great organizations I am a part of!

I met the international president of Toastmasters.

I had a view of the acropolis from my hotel.

There was a pool on the roof which I made good use of.

Gratitude. Gratitude, gratitude. I am so happy to be able to write this blog. Look Krista was there, she is no longer with us. As much as I mourn the dark, cold winter here in Vienna, I give thanks we can still heat the apartment despite “other” circumstances. I can dream of being back in Greece, just by looking at these pictures. If I can give you an inspiration, drop me a line, give me a like, share my blog. This is the multi-media age. And even us BabyBoomers are coming along and using social media! Yaay!

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Lilly Gundacker is an Australian living in Austria, now in Vienna. With a loving husband and gifted adult children' she excels at Communication, Family, Marriage and is an Organizational expert. As a retired International Civil Servant and dedicated Unificationist she motivates, inspires, engages, and makes a difference!

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