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Guess what? The pain is actually better! I’ve even managed to miss some of my pain killers. I do not take the extra one in the evening and last night I even left out the regular evening pill, apart from the one I take for my blood.

It’s kinda weird for me to admit that I am still taking so much medication while simultaneously bragging about the pain killers I’ve dropped. Now go to my last blog post: I was such an anti-medication freak. …

Skiing at Mt Baw Baw, Victoria, Australia
After a year in Europe without skiing once, I returned to Australia and went to the Victoria Alps.

Gory Details: Already then at the tender age of nineteen I experienced problems with my legs when I spent more than twelve hours daily running around taking care of bed-ridden patients. The nurse who examined my x-rays warned that my joints were so bad I would never be able to ski.
Schwester Edit was already preaching about pain control and I was all into natural therapies. You really have to let everybody do what they think is right. Some people learn, some don’t and some even change their minds. For me, it was a change of circumstance. You have to find somebody that you trust and then trust your own gut feeling about them.
I’ve had my knee operation and I think I also wrote about the one doctor in the hospital who took the time to read my medical history and advised me to take this other pill in the evening. Such a long detour just to tell you that I didn’t take the pain killer but still took the other evening medication.
So anyhow, I’m happy to report that though really incremental, the recovery is constant. I mean the area around my knee that is still numb is so much smaller than it was a few weeks ago. But it is still numb.

My gory details. I don’t want to bore you with medical details you are not interested in. Unless of course you are having a knee operation and want to know how somebody else experienced it. I ended up not taking any more pain killers this week!
And the other gory details: My self-discovery trip. After the Quantum Leap workshop with Vivienne Posch and a few bouts with Bob Proctor, even starting to read his free book on You are Born Rich.
I responded to an email I received from him and did a few things I would not have done previously. I mean you can see the sales tactics all over the place. Then there’s the intuition.

Thank you Johann for your sermon this morning on intuition. I’m writing this now because I’m getting to develop the idea that actually I should be writing publicly more often. Once a month is not enough. Once a week was a hard commitment to make.
Once I get to know that I have a job to write every single day, then maybe it will become a routine like my cycling. And now that we’re here, my therapist told me I don’t need to exercise every day. We slept in today, so, here’s my confession: I have not cycled today.
My article was going to be gory details about how I am feeling so much better and think that the absence of the pain killers in my body may be actually freeing me up a bit.

Now I feel so stiff, sitting here my legs ache every time I stand up to move.
So we know repetition is important. I am telling myself again: I am getting better; I am thriving without painkillers.
At “Online Kongress für finanzielle Freiheit” I listened to Eva Abert talk about walking through the grass field leaving visible tracks; Marco Lachmann-Anke giving tips on saving.

I allow myself to reach my inner greatness. I am a terrific role model for my colleagues, friends, family and children.
My grown-up children can see how I continue to invest in my relationship with my husband. They know how different we are and they love and respect us both. I accept my role as Vice President of FamilienForum Oesterreich, the Austrian Family Forum and support my husband as President and founder. I am rapidly recovering from my first knee replacement operation.
Other Zoom meetings I dabbled in, some attended, others started and marked, then interrupted by real life, a phone call or another meeting.

  • Awaken Through Writing to Move Beyond Fear, 10 Oct;

    Zoom admin
  • WFWP-Vie Preparation meeting for translation Monday 12 Oct;
  • Prevention of involuntary Migration through Quality Education and Empowerment of Women and Young people WFWP meeting, Tuesday 13 Oct.
  • Zoom meeting
    15 October 2020

    15th Global Forum on Human Settlements, 15-16 Oct, 

  • Social Harm of Organized Crime on Communities
  • Women’s Federation for World Peace European Heartistic sharing WFWP-EUME, 14 Oct;
  • Zoomtopia day 15 Oct.

By the way, I thought I would start marking my “Gory Details” by shadowing in grey so you really don’t need to read that part. Then I ended up deleting all the gory grey details and I’ve included them all in this supplementary article. (I couldn’t figure out how to get a shaded background!)
Since stopping all my pain killers I feel somehow lighter and clearer. It’s a very subtle feeling yet, despite the pain which I do feel when I apply any pressure to my knee and leg, I must say that I do not have any constant pain. I did have a sudden searing pain in my other knee when I just took one step and had to quickly revert to mindset control and it soon passed.
So please join me in optimistically greeting the future. I still have so much I want to do. Apart from reviewing all of my old diaries, photos and videos. So let’s support each other. Forgive the gory details. Respond to the positive. Watch my Table Topics video Black Swan.

(Aside: Notice that I still won the Best Table Topics despite being overtime (should have been max 2 and a half minutes), Ums and ahs at the beginning, incomplete sentences. Just jump in and do something!

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