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Guess what
I was such an anti-medication freak. I mean since way back! I think I already told you about the time that Schwester Edit in Switzerland wanted to give me drugs and I so vehemently refused? No? Oh, I thought there was already a blog about that but I guess it was just in my private diary.

I just found my reference to her taking me out for chestnut rice (Maroni Reis) ice-cream. Where is that photo? Oh of course. I posted it to my FaceBook profile just this year. It was taken in 1973!
Schwester Edit was already preaching about pain control and I was all into natural therapies. You really have to let everybody do what they think is right. Some people learn, some don’t and some even change their minds. For me, it was a change of circumstance. Sure I still take all my natural supplements and believe that they keep me fit. But I’ve also come to appreciate that some forms of modern medicine are also to be appreciated and even if I don’t feel fully qualified to understand all that my medical advisors tell me – well you have to find somebody that you trust and then trust your own gut feeling about them.
So anyhow, I’m happy to report that though really incremental, the recovery is constant. No, I wanted to tell you about what I am doing; What my real (virtual?) life consists of.
My kids know to subscribe to my YouTube channel and to my blog to keep in touch. Last week my son asked me what am I actually busy doing now in getting back into my life. So here I am answering that question. Is this real life? Well, true, I still don’t like going out into crowds. I don’t like wearing a face-mask. I enjoy my walks to the physiotherapist, especially the walk back when it is sunny and I have time.
I enjoy the feeling of development, of improvement, of growth, of change. Yes, it’s the seasons that are changing and I thought I prefer summer. Yet I appreciate that healing is taking place. I pray for healing of the world and those hurting.
Last week I attended a WiN-IAEA (Women in Nuclear – IAEA Chapter) meeting which never got off the ground due to technical issues. As I sent in my email suggestion to live-stream on the YouTube Channel I had created for them years ago, I had to give myself a pat on the back and remind myself to put that in my profile folder.
I also attended a live call with Clare Josa and was humbled to realise she recognized me where I thought it would be another one of her hundred people meetings and I could just be an unobtrusive observer.
This (Tuesday 13 October) morning I was zoom master for a WFWP conference which was held as a side event to a UNTOC conference on-line.
An hour later I attended my Toastmasters club at the VIC, again on-line and won the Best Table Topics award for the most liked impromptu speech.
Of course after these two meetings I went back to my YouTube channels and realized they have changed the settings again and I need to invest more time to figure out how to best promote the work of the groups I support.
Or I could do as Vivienne says and pay somebody to do what takes me so long. I’ve been tending towards investing the time to become the expert. I perceive that in most of the groups I support the women are not so technically versed. I was even a bit shocked that WiN didn’t get off the ground.
Next day WINS (World Institute for Nuclear Security) was a great event and I was glad that I signed up. Since Rhonda was running the meeting on Women in Armed Policing I felt no hesitation to join, knowing her from our time together in Nuclear Security at the IAEA.
I attended the Zoomtopia Zoom User Annual Conference Oct 14-15 2020. I am so moved by Eric Yuan, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Zoom. He is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility.
I discovered that as a Zoommaster, I need to record on my local pc to get the translation channel streams. I determine to create an even better experience for our next meeting, so yes, it looks like I do intend to polish my zooming skills.
The mails in my inbox and all the meetings this past week were really too many. I couldn’t attend them all, even though so interesting. So you could spend the rest of your time watching all the replays. Or take a leap and do something different.
I’m working on my new profile. Now that my knee operation has been “swept aside” so to speak, I’d like to position myself as a blogger, a motivator, a speaker, an influencer?
On the one hand, I sometimes feel like I don’t belong here at all. Isn’t this what the younger generation are doing? Yes. And that is no reason not to do it too. After all if I want them to learn from me I can learn from them too, right? And I am the technically savvy person in my circle of influence so if I don’t start doing this, who will?
And I am the motivator. So, not only to all the young people, that you can have a family and a good job, but to all you retirees: You can make a difference!
Oh Dear! 60 people looked at my post on Journaling which I posted here. I have already set my defaults to post automatically to LinkedIn. I did not post to FaceBook. Some of my contacts are only on FaceBook so never even realize that I have shared something unless I post it to FB.
So many of you are no longer on FB or never were. You really have to let everybody do what they think is right.
I look forward to meeting up again in sunshine or in rain. Virtually or literally.

Gory details on next post

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Lilly Gundacker is an Australian living in Austria, now in Vienna. With a loving husband and gifted adult children' she excels at Communication, Family, Marriage and is an Organizational expert. As a retired International Civil Servant and dedicated Unificationist she motivates, inspires, engages, and makes a difference!

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