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The journaling, the journaling. Even though I’ve put it into my daily calendar to do a review each evening, just so that the reminder comes up and I think about writing something, I’ve been so busy that I’ve just turned the reminders off again and continued doing what I was doing.

What am I doing? Yesterday I was working on examining and editing the video of the UN WFWP event on Monday. We finally got the link to the files on Thursday and then I found that there were only the English sound files even though we had French translation and there are three different video versions of the meeting.
Now my perfectionism wants to take the time to figure out this Microsoft film editing program to edit out all the interruptions and produce a quality report of our event. My common sense tells me that that is going to take much too long (how long? Who knows?) and it would be better to just get something out. Of course I was thinking that on Tuesday as I was already waiting for the files as well as the recording of the Toastmasters meeting where I won the Best Table Topics award. I thought to cut out my speech and post it. I thought of lots of things I could post. I started an article called “Fourteen Weeks” and it is still on the drawing board.
This three-hour video recording which I shortened to one hour, cutting out the empty bits at the front and a couple of other scenes, though some only because of audio not video issues. When I am proficient with the editing program I can edit out the scenes of people’s names when they make noise on open mikes and edit out organizational dialogue when I already have the right visual. I’m a bit upset that even though I edited Renate’s screen to Maja’s name for her presentation, it still shows Renate’s name on the video.
I’m not really serious about blogging, it’s more a promise to myself to be consistent. I’m aiming at once a week or more and think then; it doesn’t really matter because nobody is interested anyhow. Yet I want to be a role-model and feel I have a lot to say.
Just this morning, I stopped taking my pain killers. I mean I’d already cut out the evening pill earlier this week, the lunch pill shortly afterwards and today I didn’t even take one of the two pills I could take. Why? Because I have noticed that my knee only hurts me when I massage the scar or the knee cap. When I walk (gory details!) it still feels wobbly and doesn’t really flow, but I cannot tell you of any specific pain. It is not entirely comfortable and I am convinced half of that is actually a weight issue. Once I reach a healthier body mass index then I’ll feel better within myself and I do think that my energy levels are improving.
As my therapist suggested to me yesterday, listen to your body and don’t beat yourself up. It’s okay to have one day a week of complete rest. There is nothing wrong with exercising every day. But don’t push yourself beyond your limits. If your body is telling you to stop, then listen.
Yes, I have been doing my thirty minutes each day on the home trainer. Yes, even when we get up late, have breakfast and then start the day. You know how I rely on my shower to get me started in the day. And I can’t have my shower until after I’ve done my cycling. And I want to do my cycling on an empty stomach before breakfast. That’s what the doctor at the cure in Salzburg last year told me to do. But then I don’t have a shower all day. Yes. I admit it. I have even spent the whole day in my training pants waiting for the gap of an hour after a meal, before another meal when I can finally get in my thirty minutes cycling. We are still in semi-lockdown afterall. Not much risk of being seen or smelt. Yes and a couple of times it’s been evening before I finally sit on the home trainer and do my thirty minutes.
That was last week. Now this week I’ve been watching Bob Proctor videos as I cycle.
And yes, what I wanted to say was, in this area I have been uncompromising. The other exercises, lying on the bed and lifting the leg while lying on the back and then on the side. The therapist suggested going from three rounds of twelve repetitions to one round of forty. Last week that’s what I was doing. It got a bit too much. He even suggested trying to do three times a day. Now I have a whole list of other exercises and I am serious about getting my mobility. However I knew it was senseless to try to do too much at once to then break down and do nothing at all.
This week the therapist said I had misunderstood him and should go back to two to three rounds of ten to fifteen repetitions. He could tell that I was serious and doing what I could. It’s a matter of making a commitment and doing something. It’s about getting a routine and the cycling really has become that for me.
On Wednesday I was in so many meetings and I couldn’t get away from the screen to do two-hundred and fifty steps, so I stood up and did my knee bends! Right there in front of the pc at my desk! Wow! What a revelation. Then I was on the Zoomtopia conference site and there was a Zumba session. What fun! I actually did the dancing to music. How many times have I thought about getting a video workout and it just seemed too complicated?
I’m really getting into this mindset that you can when you set your mind to it, when you change your paradigm.
The other article I was going to do was about photography. I’m a bit upset that I will end up posting this WFWP video with all its glitches. I feel it does not represent my standard.
So here is my promise to myself that I will post again soon.
And who knows, maybe in the end I will end up motivating somebody else as well?

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Lilly Gundacker is an Australian living in Austria, now in Vienna. With a loving husband and gifted adult children' she excels at Communication, Family, Marriage and is an Organizational expert. As a retired International Civil Servant and dedicated Unificationist she motivates, inspires, engages, and makes a difference!

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