When I was a housemaid-waitress at The Cumberland guesthouse in Marysville (unfortunately it burnt to the ground in 2009 in serious Victorian bushfires), I got to share a flat with Judy. We were both working there, serving breakfast to guests in their rooms, then in the dining room, then cleaning the rooms, then serving lunch. We had the afternoons off and it was during one of these free afternoons while walking along the brook that I decided what I need to do with my life.

I think that’s another story.

I wanted to tell you about Judy. We spent one night at Eildon under the stars. It was such a great experience. Then I was in the flat with Judy until I left Marysville to prepare for my calling as a nurse to save one human life.

Another story.

I was initially amused and then fascinated by Judy. She could not go to sleep at night until she had seen the moon. She had to go outside and take a look at what the moon was doing, where it was and what it looked like.

Perhaps I have it from her – I don’t have to see the moon but I love looking out my window.

At home it is the Lindenbaum in its four seasons.

At work it is the growing of the Twin Towers.

Actually I guess I am just so observant that I have to notice it and so I love to take photos. Now I love to share them and also share my thoughts.