I was a full-time tricycle engine manufacturer for ten years.

I was a research officer at the Institute for Child Development and Interpersonal Relationships

I led a long-term research programme in the laboratory and in the field while working on my project as a professional family manager and have already received five distinctions (all sons). Of course all that is extremely demanding and I usually worked 18 hours a day or more (I was actually on call 24 hours). The job was definitely the greatest challenge, more than any other day-to-day job in business, but the benefits are much better and more satisfying than all the money in the world. My business partner wanted a share in the profits, so we reached an agreement and arranged a job-share model.

Now as I advise the International Atomic Energy Agency as a subject matter expert in Contacts Management on their implementation and customization of an Oracle Off-the Shelf Business Suite, I would strongly advise anybody considering a professional career, to first hone their tricycle engine supervisory skills. Even if you never manage to manufacture one single tricycle engine yourself, alone the internship in supervision and cooperation is a lesson that will equip you for life.

Inspiration: http://www.heftig.de/auf-dem-amt/

Family manager, Mother, Researcher

This is my workbook to develop and define my job description.