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published today in Austria raises issues of ownership and access to information of public interest – in this case medical information. Very interesting to me as I surfed the internet on the weekend to research the differences between TIA, TGA, stroke, mini-stroke to arm myself for all the questions I had for my GP this morning.

(God Bless Dame Margaret Thatcher+)

Just yesterday I was philosphizing with my husband about the downfall of capitalism as greed seems to rule the world and more and more people are seeking answers to fundamental questions, some seeking in political systems or geographic location or cultural spheres or religious communities.

When people realize there are enough resources to go around and the only way to survive is to develop a parental heart of caring for others, then we can free ourselves of the compulsion to take, to cheat, to try to make profit with anything we can. Like selling books. Or writing articles. Or giving talks.

By the way my GP confirmed what I thought and said I’d had a TIA – it was a series of mini-strokes. No lasting effects expected but caution, medication, a couple more tests and a course of physiotherapy are appropriate.