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business refers to the time that I set up my own business as a communcations trainer as well as the time preparing for that and any seminars after that

What’s right or what’s legal?

Companies should pay taxes in Australia on profits made in Australia. G20 global governments come to agreement in Cairns. Perhaps they were chilled out by its tropical charms?

Yes, Cairns is a great place to be. It’s where my son made his scuba diving licence earlier this year. It’s where I drove with my parents and four brothers last century and slept in a tent. It’s where there’s an underwater observatory and giant clams.

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Candles for Christmas

Koch Kerzen

New candles every year

or for Winter, or Spring, or Summer, or Autumn. Candles for anytime of the year. Our visit to the candle factory this time was to show my Aussie brother a little bit of our European culture. It was also an excellent opportunity to marvel again at this masterpiece of creativity and old fashioned tradion in the country-side. Continue reading

Free Access to Medical Knowledge?


Sharing ideas

This article


published today in Austria raises issues of ownership and access to information of public interest – in this case medical information. Very interesting to me as I surfed the internet on the weekend to research the differences between TIA, TGA, stroke, mini-stroke to arm myself for all the questions I had for my GP this morning.

(God Bless Dame Margaret Thatcher+)

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What on earth is that? you’ll ask (unless of course you live in Vienna lol).

Luftaufnahme SMZO 1998_1922

SMZO link to video about this medical institution in German language in Vienna, Austria

SMZO  is a network of medical institutions administering hospitals and medical educational institutions. Having had my share of hospital visits during my life, what with tonsils out, a car accident in the eighth month of pregnancy, five children, an emergency appendectomy, a year in practice at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and some time in the Swiss medical system, I was quite impressed by what I experienced in the Donau Spital in Vienna.

Have times changed or is this hospital different?

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What a swell bunch of folks
What a swell bunch of folks

Dear Participants,
I hope you don’t mind, I’ve uploaded a few of our photos to my blog. If you have any objections, feel free to let me know, and I’ll delete the photo. It was such a great time for me. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.
Apart from coping with varying expections, it was an unexpectedly intense time for me. I enjoyed being in Kitzbühel and I especially enjoyed spending the mornings with you all.

I hope you are all well and making the most of the new found relationships.

Well done! Christoph!

Wow! Can hardly believe it! After feeling almost smug and proud of the successful conclusion to the five week English and Customer Orientation Course in Kitzbühel – it was almost a given that something had to happen. So, when suddenly all my data was gone and neither external hard disc, nor memory stick would function, I began to think in terms of spiritual interference. Again.

I have often said that the invisible world is the spirit world and the digital world. What a challenge it was to keep smiling, keep positive when it seemed I could do nothing I wanted to – my laptop has been broken since I tripped at the Drugs Conference in March, and now even my external hard disc was refusing to function. Well, one of my gifted children, Christoph to be precise, has just recovered my data and returned my external harddisc with the 130 GB data on it again.

So the big question now is , will I buy an Apple or a pc?

My passport has been renewed, I can stay here forever if I want. Now who is reading this anyway?

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