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I’ve been through my second rehab for my second knee replacement. I have a few months of recovery still ahead of me.
I’m using the time for self-discovery and self-care. I just read this mail in my inbox about taking a media break. I actually subscribe, or perhaps passively just landed, on a few mailing lists. This one (www.dailyom.com/) I enjoy reading when I have nothing else to do and often just delete when I am preoccupied with other activities. I nearly deleted it without reading. Yes, I have learned not to just plod through all my mails and read every word. Sometimes I just delete without reading and not just the spam! I nearly deleted this and instead decided to read it. Here:
I share it with you because as I read I thought, yes, I do that each day. I do not always have my mobile phone with me. I do not check my mails as soon as they come in. I do not answer many of my mails. Sometimes I think my friends must be tired of trying to call me to see how I am. I have not got around to doing that for them, for you, though I do believe I may get to that stage someday. I do not need a 3-week media fast when I temper my consumption daily. It’s called self-control. Or wisdom. Or habit. Or choice. Or decision.
Yes, I made that decision – I am worth it, and I’ll protect myself and not allow trash to enter my brain.
I must admit that now that our internet provider, A1, no longer provides replays of my favourite programmes on a number of channels, I’ve been exposed to ridiculous advertising for things I would not voluntarily choose to be exposed to. Is it my “addiction” to my favourite shows that “makes” me watch that junk?
I have a great series app https://seriesgui.de/ which helps me to see what I’ve already watched. Sure sometimes I watch again, but mostly, when I feel like I’m hooked, and I have other things to do, I can check and if I’ve already marked it as seen, I can very easily resist and get on with something else, instead of succumbing to the temptation to start watching something I’ve already seen. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy my series, they are my “time-out”. I even get on the home-trainer and cycle for 30 minutes while watching! So no guilty conscience. I am not in front of the TV all day.
Though, now you know, I can also watch on my pc or even on my android phone. It’s just that I had a great routine where I chose the time I wanted to watch, and I always fast-forward through the commercials. Now on my favourites I can’t and I can’t even watch later. So, the series app helps me to mark them off. I tell myself, once I’ve seen them all, I’ll be over the temptation and I can start the next favourite series.
Right now, I am still in my “Me time”, of recovering, loving myself and also learning more about myself. The courses I have been doing tell me I am enough. Now. I have everything I need. Now. I should share with the world – now, already! Don’t wait!
I read that I shouldn’t talk about health just when I thought I would write a blog about my recovery experience. I was not looking for sympathy. I thought maybe somebody out there would like to know what it’s like before they go that path.
You know the story of the old man and the donkey?
Try to please all and you will please none. So, I stopped writing about my recovery. I’m getting all excited about my future. It’s already started. I’m getting motivated. My strength is returning. I’m coming back to the meetings and even joining a few new ones. My new office is set up. Well, almost. The new pc is still under the table. It will be set up as soon as my son comes to help me.
I’m so glad it’s spring. The days are finally longer than the nights.
I hope you are well.
I just spilt coffee over the keyboard now I’ve started using the dictation on the computer amazing it works I just need to figure out about the punctuation stop it started typing the number 9 every time I press the spacebar then some of the other letters we’re connecting and didn’t type what I typed stop I think that’s enough for now I’m just a bit flabbergasted at how well this dictating works wow I think I’ll post this to my blog without correcting it
As you can guess I am capable of learning stop I can adapt to modern technology stop I’ll just have to find those commands for the correct punctuation LOL
till next time take care love you all over and out

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