After a full day of talks, speeches, meetings, museums, sightseeing and visits, I come to the memories of seven years ago when we came here to Padua and signed our peace agreement in Villa Guisti, in the same room that the Armistice was signed at the end of the First World War.
Today was just another chapter in the on-going commitment to contribute to building world peace, one step at a time, one relationship at a time.
Just as seven years ago, many husbands joined their wives on the Women’s Federation for World Peace journey to the three country reunion of Italy, Austria and Slovenia, today too, we saw families, friends and former foes, joined together in the desire to share, to reconcile, to learn, to grow in love and peace.
It was a beautiful sunny day. Some did not appreciate why we went to a war museum, why we looked at the air planes that flew over Vienna. They dropped leaflets of peace. They were Italian planes. So much history. So many impressions. So much film. When will I share them?
Tonight I go to sleep in gratitude. I have shared a tiny fraction of my impressions. As I reflect on the impressions of seven years ago, I am confirmed in my conviction. It was such a precious time. Look who we were with. And we love them still. Dear Maresi and Elvira.