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Historical Memories

After a full day of talks, speeches, meetings, museums, sightseeing and visits, I come to the memories of seven years ago when we came here to Padua and signed our peace agreement in Villa Guisti, in the same room that the Armistice was signed at the end of the First World War. Continue reading

Anniversary Celebration of Women’s Federation for World Peace in Upper Austria and new Ambassadors for Peace

I put together a PowerPoint of photos which I found from my time in Linz 1990-1996. I could not find a diary or any other material, leaflets, just a couple of digital files and photos on synology. Continue reading

WFWP-AT Christmas 2017

I was invited to make a presentation about the UN and my experiences in the Women’s Federation. I prepared a PowerPoint presentation with photos dating back quite a few years.

In Memoriam Elisabeth Riedl

Dear Elisabeth,

You were behind all the activities of the Women’s Federation in Europe and Austria for the past decades. You gave everything, and now even your life. This is how I will remember you: Continue reading

Free Teens

Slovakian Character Education programme, Free Teens, carries on in the tradition begun by Richard Panzer twenty years ago.

Character Education

Ms Kasia Minollari, President WFWP Albania,  gave her presentation on Experience Based Character Education: Youth in Albania on Sunday morning. It was so inspiring to hear about such a successful initiative and that the EU was also funding such positive projects.

Moral and Family Education and Practice in Russia

Mrs Olga Vakulinskaja, President WFWP Russia Continue reading

Sunday Message from Dr No Hi Pak

Dr Pak talked about his roles as a business leader and his gratitude in newer developments.

Ms Maria De Angelis Healthier Communities

The President of Labour Research for Organizational Development in Italy Continue reading

Mitti Tohma Good Governance

On Sunday morning, 20 November 2016, Mitti Tohma, President Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) UK read her paper on The Role of Good Governance for an Inclusive and Sustainable Society.

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