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Train ride

On Monday 9th October 2017, 

 I went to the skin doctor in the afternoon and she burned my face with liquid nitrogen.

She told me not to wash my face. I asked her how long. She was very vague. Sounded like she didn’t want me to wash my face at all. She said I would get blisters and look mistreated. In fact, even though I was expecting the treatment, she would have been prepared to make another appointment when I could withdraw from public view and hide myself until it is healed. I said let’s just do it and get it over and done with.
Today, Friday 13th October 2017, I am writing this but not posting it until much later, don’t know yet when.
Took these photos on the train on the way home.

Was enjoying the sunset. Here in Austria, we extend the summer time into October, so even though it was ten minutes to six, the sun had not set yet. But actually, it was really, only ten minutes to five. And before I arrived in Kirchberg, the sun had actually set. However, we are having a warm spell. The sun shone a lot today. I walked across the plaza at lunch-time and made a point of allowing the sun to shine on my eyes.
Then at work we also had a celebration. I am writing this now, but do not plan to publish until a year later. Then it will be interesting to see what was I doing at this time a year ago. Now I should be hiding my face, but I’ll publish the photos of my blistered skin. Need to check the video of the speech today. I just love recording the speeches at work. We do such interesting stuff at work and I am just so fascinated to keep track of it. Again, not really for public sharing, but maybe later.

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Lilly Gundacker is an Australian living in Austria, now in Vienna. With a loving husband and gifted adult children' she excels at Communication, Family, Marriage and is an Organizational expert. As a retired International Civil Servant and dedicated Unificationist she motivates, inspires, engages, and makes a difference!

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