May 25

Well done! Christoph!

Wow! Can hardly believe it! After feeling almost smug and proud of the successful conclusion to the five week English and Customer Orientation Course in Kitzb├╝hel – it was almost a given that something had to happen. So, when suddenly all my data was gone and neither external hard disc, nor memory stick would function, I began to think in terms of spiritual interference. Again.

I have often said that the invisible world is the spirit world and the digital world. What a challenge it was to keep smiling, keep positive when it seemed I could do nothing I wanted to – my laptop has been broken since I tripped at the Drugs Conference in March, and now even my external hard disc was refusing to function. Well, one of my gifted children, Christoph to be precise, has just recovered my data and returned my external harddisc with the 130 GB data on it again.

So the big question now is , will I buy an Apple or a pc?

My passport has been renewed, I can stay here forever if I want. Now who is reading this anyway?


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