Koch Kerzen

New candles every year

or for Winter, or Spring, or Summer, or Autumn. Candles for anytime of the year. Our visit to the candle factory this time was to show my Aussie brother a little bit of our European culture. It was also an excellent opportunity to marvel again at this masterpiece of creativity and old fashioned tradion in the country-side. Nestled in an old farmhouse in deepest Waldviertel, just an hour and a half to drive from Vienna, the Koch Kerzen production even welcomes returns of left-over candle wax and manufactures fire torches for outdoor use from them. Apart from their excellent selection of traditional candles for all occasions, their own creations are inspiring and unique gift ideas for any occasion. No, I do not have shares in the company, but I am an avid customer and can highly recommend a visit for an hour to shop or a few hours to make your own candles on the regular art and craft days.

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