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Dinkel or spelt wheat 

Spelt (Triticum spelta), also known as dinkel wheat, or hulled wheat, is a species of wheat cultivated since approximately 5000 BC. Spelt was an important staple  Continue reading

Trust and unite with one another

Thirty four years ago we had the blessing and privilege to hear these words in Madison Square Garden:
Until today, the eyes of the world have been upon our Church; after today the eyes of the world will be upon you and your families. Remember three things above all in your life together:
1. The eternal union of husband and wife.
Your marriage is not merely “until death do us part,”

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May be peace



BOKU-CHOR und Kohelet 3 Continue reading

Blogging or FaceBooking?

IMG_20150620_204456034_HDR IMG_20150620_193624937Certainly posting on Facebook is fast, it may get response, depending on current traffic, but when it is the weekend (and it is!) and there are lots of other issues drawing attention (Life Ball, Family March, gender, tragedy in Graz) then the FaceBook posts easily become lost and can’t even be found when I browse backwards, unless I have shared, or commented or tagged. Continue reading


So what was I actually doing last Saturday, May 30th, that I had no time to represent my mother in Brno?

Yes, I was the faithful wife supporting my husband at his event for the family in Graz! Is Facebook the place to share all my news? Well, no, not really,

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Wellenspiel belated birthday breakfast

Thank you Diana! What a wonderful present! You invited me to Wellenspiel

to celebrate my birthday and my “victory” with the LifePlus hHCG diet. We’ve been meeting regularly for years. Usually we go to Merkur in Krems on Saturday mornings about once a month before doing the grocery shopping. Always we have so much to share and are completely on the same wavelength. Continue reading

Practical applications

Unification Principles in life, in business, in the family, in relationships.

2014-01-03-DP-10Seminar – merging the Divine Principle with psychology, positive psychology, the development of social skills and self-management Continue reading

My dream is too big

2014-01-03-Video-snapA Unificationist shares his vision for an interfaith youth college where the Unification Theological Seminary implanted deep perspectives and hope in his life.

Of Christmas turkeys and birthday dinners

Well I finally figured out how to upload the photos to my Instagram account. We took Timi out to dinner at the wonderful Toni Mörwald restaurant where we had a lovely dinner and dessert. The chef himself appeared at our table just two minutes after we arrived. The food was exquisite and an ideal opportunity for me to test the Instagram. Only problem is I can’t upload from my camera, only from the mobile phone.


Very convenient having Austria's famous chef virtually around the corner

Very convenient having Austria’s famous chef virtually around the corner

?????????????????????? Moerwald Feuersbrunn


Sky Patching

Every now and again a new work of art catches my attention. At the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna, the VIC, Vienna International Centre, there is a new sculpture in the grounds near the entrance to UNIDO, the D and E building to the right when you enter the VIC grounds. Continue reading

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