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Exercise bike

Still in Otto Wagner Spital, (OWS) Pavillion 13, Acute Geriatric Re-mobilization.
It used to be called Baumgartner Hoehe and has now been renamed Klinik Penzing since first June 2020.
Focus on the good and you can multiply it.

I am grateful for this time which I really did need. OWS is located in parklands near the Vienna Woods. I see the Otto Wagner Church from the dining room. We walked up here on New Year’s Eve when we first moved to Vienna in 2018. Josef often comes Nordic walking here in the park.
When the orthopaedic surgeon first suggested this hospital I had actually never even heard of it. Now as they asked me where do I want to go for my rehabilitation, I said, I don’t mind at all. They asked me whether I would even go in Vienna, and what the heck, we only just moved here two years ago, we don’t have a car anymore. It sounded like I would get a spot sooner if I agreed, so I said okay. And now I’m booked for rehab right here in the same park grounds, at a separate facility run by Vamed, which I think is the same company that now runs the other places I went to previously for my health cures.

Of course my selfish mind first thought, oh where could I ask for to get the best holiday, the best scenery, the best value from the Austrian Health Care System? I quickly dismissed that while still recognizing that many of the other patients do indeed know their situations and also already know that they are going to a beautiful mountain resort, or a forest or lake area, and all are intent on enjoying their “health care paid holiday”.
I know that Josef likes walking in this area, it is reachable by public transport and I am surrounded by trees in a beautiful park. There is a view to Vienna from some of the windows.

I’ve appreciated the visits from each of my family. And I even got a phone call from my brother in Australia! I guess I’ve progressed since my first week when I refused to talk to anybody else. I wrote my blog articles and posted them on FaceBook. I sent the link to the first post to those whom I’d “disappointed” by not being available on the phone. I realised I am not the only one going through challenging health issues as the well-wishers chimed in on the women’s group to support Helga who also had a knee replacement, a week after me. I don’t want to scare her with my stories of pain and woe. Yet all the staff here are reassuring us that it was a big operation and pain is normal. When the nurse in recovery said the first night is the worst, I thought, great, I’ve survived the first night. When Todd Burrier said the first two weeks are the worst I thought okay, I’ve survived the first two weeks.
I’ve read a lot and found that you need to reckon six weeks.
Josef just came to visit while I was sitting at the table in the room with the afternoon coffee writing my blog. My back and legs and head were so sore this morning. I think if I don’t want to spend the whole time in bed, I must be getting better. We went out into the dayroom, which is also the dining room. After our drinks and a toilet break I told him I would sit at the bicycle. It pedals along passively with the option to boost physically, I guess maybe like an e-bike. My room colleague hurt herself yesterday when it started before she was properly positioned. She got an x-ray late last night when the pain really bothered her. Then the doctor came to say the x-ray was fine. Felt like a repetition of my story. The pain is not just in the bones.

I did fifteen minutes on the trainer. Feels like the movement is important. It’s also important to know HOW to move. So, again, I’m grateful for the time. I move. I rest. I walk. I rest. I get up for meals. I rest. I had a footbath. I’m writing my blog. I’m telling my story. I like telling my story. I’m a story teller.
We just met Hermine who recognized me from Kirchberg. She was visiting her girlfriend the other day as I walked past along the corridor and she accompanied her friend to the bathroom. She was wearing a mask. I was not. She asked: Do we know each other?
She recognized me from the railway station. She knew we lived opposite the swimming pool. Now here she was again with her friend so I introduced her to Josef.

Family Values
Never underestimate your impact. She said she could feel our family values. When I walked past along the platform she felt a spirit, an aura and felt peace. She said she asked herself what does that woman do? There was total chaos and I walked past with two of our sons. She knew we talked English together. Now as she talked to Josef she said she could again feel that spirit of family values. I was so moved. Thank you Hermine for expressing that. Let’s encourage one another.
I write my blog now especially as I think of my other friends who could do with some support. I almost feel mean in having specifically rejected any calls or visits from dear good meaning friends. Maybe you want to know how I’m going. Maybe you don’t care at all. Maybe you don’t want to know about the pain or any other gory details. Yet I can’t help but think of the others now in hospital or rehabilitation. I am interested in how they are. Yes, I’m even curious to know whether I might be recovering faster due to my vitamin supplements, or whether I’m the only one experiencing such pain. It is really an exercise in patience and faith.

My favourite bible verse
The Sunday service this morning was about my favourite bible verse 1 Corinthians 13:13 Faith, hope and love.
I finished the biography on my kindle. Mother Moon jumps around all over the place, just as Father Moon did in all his speeches. I would have preferred more personal details and a bit more chronological recitation. You can write what you like and publish your own journal.

I am okay
I’m telling you how it is. I’m writing how I would talk to you. I have to get it down and out so I can get on with the next bit.
Whew. Well I really wanted to tell you that I am okay. That I’m getting better. And this time, I might even share a link to my blog to some WhatsApp groups, not only on FaceBook (FB), especially since most of my kids have left FB.
And let’s pray and support the really needy. In faith. Without fear.

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Lilly Gundacker is an Australian living in Austria, now in Vienna. With a loving husband and gifted adult children' she excels at Communication, Family, Marriage and is an Organizational expert. As a retired International Civil Servant and dedicated Unificationist she motivates, inspires, engages, and makes a difference!

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Maria Riehl
Maria Riehl
3 years ago

Danke Lilly

3 years ago

Please continue to write Lilly! I feel it is part of your recovery. Grant yoursef all the time you need to heal.

3 years ago

Thanks for your honesty

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