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Just read an article about Australia’s Outback protecting the world oceans from rising. Of course I reckon Australia is the “Lucky Country”, and now that I don’t live there any more, I thrive on all reports about it being the Kingdom of Heaven, or the best place on earth. How else can I justify my homesickness or my national pride since I live so far away in another very beautiful blessed country, Austria?

As we become more and more exposed to revolutionary scientific techniques and resources, information comes together in such a way as never before.

The article referenced above about the oceans not rising as much in 2010-2011 because of the rain that stayed on the Australian continent awakens ideas and inspirations in me about the fertile inner heart of Australia sprouting and feeding the masses – the new age and all problems miraculously finding solutions through cosmic intervention.

Most people don’t even know how much we contribute to cancer therapy

Living in Austria, I sometimes feel like I try to keep it a secret where I really work. Despite this twenty-first century open-mindedness, it is actually quite shocking to think how prejudiced most of us actually still are. I, for example, feel like the Austrians would probably hate me if they knew that I work for the Atomic Energy Agency. They are so anti atomic energy here in Austria and I really had to ask myself, is this really okay, after the accident at Fukushima. That’s when I looked again at the statutes and core values of the IAEA and assured myself that the Agency serves member states to ensure that proper standards and guidelines are followed in those places where a country decides to employ atomic energy. The decisions lie within each member state. The support comes from the Agency. And most people don’t even know how much we contribute to cancer therapy, soil quality and water management.

Of course the other overriding factor for me was also my religious conversion in 1975. Now, you may not have even been born at that time and yes, sometimes I do feel like I also have to keep my age a secret, but, what the heck, this is my blog, I am an eternal optimist and I believe by speaking the truth, it shall set me free. There. No holds barred. Overcome all fear of the unknown, overcome my own fear of prejudice on the grounds of age. I don’t want you to think I’m too old to work, or to understand, or to use modern technology. In fact, I know I am a forerunner in my area when it comes to change management. I have taken courses and received training and really benefitted from modern programs, and certainly passed on that advantage to my children. Of course, now they are the ones who assist me, but it was not long ago, when they used to come to me to ask me how to format some specific text in a document or to create a particular formula in an excel table.

So what I was going to say was, in 1975 when I first heard the Divine Principle, which changed the course of my whole life, I read about the three revolutions. And the third energy revolution was to be an atomic energy revolution. So maybe when people start to realise how they need to cooperate with one another, the cosmic energies will be freed up to allow us to discover the final solution to atomic fusion which will provide atomic energy without the dangerous radioactive waste products which are the main cause of all the prejudice and negativity towards the IAEA and atomic energy.


God’s ideal of creation will not be realized simply by forming a human society without sin. Man, to fulfil God’s blessing of dominion over all creation (Gen. 1:28), must realize a blessed social environment by finding out the principles hidden in the created world and by developing science to the utmost degree. As already discussed in Part I, religion and science have respectively been in charge of overcoming the two aspects of ignorance of fallen men, one spiritual and the other physical, thus gradually restoring the ideal society. Therefore, at the consummation of history, the Word that can completely remove our spiritual ignorance must appear, while science must be so developed as to be capable of removing completely man’s ignorance of physical reality, thus realizing a scientific society of a stage prior to the emergence of the ideal society. Seen from this providence of God, we can understand that the Industrial Revolution of England came from the providence of restoring the living environment for the ideal society.

The economic organization of the ideal society must also resemble the structure of the perfect human body. Therefore, as previously mentioned, production, distribution and consumption in that society must have an organic relationship of give and take action, such as that among the stomach, the heart and the lungs in the human body. Consequently there should not be the destructive competition for the market – caused by excessive production – nor accumulation nor consumption that hinder the whole living-purpose by partial distribution. Production sufficient to fill man’s needs, fair distribution – neither excessive nor insufficient – and rational consumption for the purpose of the whole must occur.

Meanwhile, mass production after the Industrial Revolution stimulated England to rapidly pioneer the settlement of vast colonies as her markets and sources of supply of raw materials. In this way, the Industrial Revolution carried out not only the mission of restoring the external environment for the ideal society, but also that of the internal providence of restoration by providing a vast territory for the propagation of the gospel.

Probably the bits above I need to edit and then I want to include the next bit about atomic energy:


The anti-medieval movement of the restoration……

Since the Satanic side always realizes God’s providence in advance, three periods of revolution in religion, politics and industry followed…..

I want to remove the references to religion and try to present this scientifically, neutrally, so not sure how to word this part. (Here I express my fear of religious prejudice!)

We can also notice the fact that the economic reformation following the religious and political reformation has also developed through the course of three stages. The first industrial revolution originated in England as a result of industrial development through steam. Immediately afterward the second industrial revolution, through electricity and gasoline, broke out in many advanced countries. Now a third industrial revolution, based on atomic energy, will arise, and this will create throughout the world a very blessed social environment for the ideal world. These three stages of revolution, covering the three fields of religion, politics and industry, which followed the three stages of Renaissance in the period of preparation for the second advent of the Messiah, are the necessary course for the realization of the ideal society, in accordance with the three stages of the law of development.

If it’s not alright, it’s not the end

We’ve just had a blue moon this week. I’m inspired to believe I can make a difference. I’m also exercising my optimism to create more positive energies knowing that the more you do, the more you give, the more that comes back. Also, it’s so easy to believe you are alone with your problems, or to think that others are better off than yourself.

I read so much garbage each day, I’d like to start contributing to providing sunshine and warmth where so much in public media highlights negative one-off tragedies.

So what is my message of hope? The axis of the world is changing to the good and true. Follow your conscience. Good will prevail. Don’t worry about those around you who abuse the system or appear to benefit unjustly. Everything is gonna be alright. In the end. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end.

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