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Roller coaster of thoughts to write about: Facebook and WhatsApp, Internet security. Telegram. Signal. Alternative networks. Darknet. Chinese, Russian and American domination. Network marketing. Inspiration. Tell your story. Share your joy. Face your fears. Grow yourself.

No need to tell you why and if I cycled the last few days. You can see whether I posted a blog article or a vlog  on YouTube. But I already told you I write this blog as a therapy for myself and maybe because I’m a bit secretly afraid I may forget, so I’d like to have it all here to find it later when I need or want it.
Now I was actually even afraid of expressing that fear because you know, you should focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want. It was my grandmothers that were senile their last couple of years and we all thought it would hit my mother. Yet she is so fit and agile we can only be proud of her mental state. 
She says as long as she is complaining we know she is still alive. Of course she has her issues with mobility but she reads and keeps in touch though now even telephone calls are difficult due to understanding and hearing issues.
No need to think that my occasional lapses are the first creeping signs of the generational skip. I remember my first lapses of memory in my first pregnancy. I was so shocked as I was used to having such a good memory, being so observant and then noticing that I had forgotten my keys or my cardigan and then knowing a couple of hours later, exactly where I had left them lying in a gas station bathroom or supermarket checkout.
Later with five children, I came to understand that it is actually necessary to have at least 90 seconds imprint time to commit anything to long-term memory and it is quite common for busy people who get constantly interrupted to forget the commitments they make if the next call does not allow that minute and a half to register the thoughts they had and promises they made.
Personally on the whole, I think I managed quite well, yet my husband certainly knew he was doing me a favour when he offered to do the role change and I could become a career woman again instead of a Stay At Home Mum (SAHM). I even enjoyed the commute on the train as a transition period between full-time mother and full-time office worker; Despite the fact that I again came up with the idea that I was missing out because my husband still had the car, the mobile phone and the computer at home. I would come home to find him at the computer and the one thing which to me represented the successful SAHM, the dishes, were not done! I tried forever to get the dishes done and felt like I was constantly interrupted by crying babies, postmen at the door, husband on the phone asking me to look up a customer address, or a hungry child.
But I learned very quickly that I had to let go and could not tell my significant other how to do HIS job. Even though it was my job. Because it wasn’t anymore. I was earning the money. Only when I came home. And then I still did not want to do the dishes!
Somebody posted on FaceBook today that love is also taking out the garbage. Now I must say, after our 30 plus years, I must be really loved. It used to upset me too, but I must say these days, is it just since my knee operations? I don’t know, but I do not have to nag about the garbage.
So, back to my knees. Gory details. I cycled today. I still keep getting the really bad back pain, yet when I cycle, it really does get better. After a few hours the pain starts again. Sometimes the pills help after a while. Today I sat back in the arm chair with the feet up and watched my crime series.
I need to watch it when it is actually broadcast now because our provider, A1 has lost its contract to provide 7-day replays to a new competitor, Austria HD. Now why should I pay more money to support a competitor who stole the contract from my provider?
Are we back at FaceBook, WhatsApp, Google and Co?
I guess I’ll never be a rich entrepreneur. I just want good honest service. I don’t want to deceive people or rob them or trick anybody to do something that is not good for them so I can make a profit. I want to share my stories about my food supplements and my unification faith because I believe they are the best things that have happened to me. I do not want to see adds on Facebook. I do not even want them on Instagram. Yet all my recent women’s social media development groups are promoting Facebook business.
Well actually one of my sons thinks the network marketing is taking advantage of others. I’m just convinced that this system I’m in of recommendation marketing is absolutely reliable and has some of the best products in the world. The rewards system is purposely designed to encourage people to help each other and the prices represent the costs of distribution and retailing. I think the partner care programme is more effective than the spiritual networking I have seen in my faith community!
Yet, I am sorry that I missed the UPF conference today. I had actually registered for it.

Not just another zoom meeting

On Tuesday I was pleasantly surprised to discover a long-time colleague was actually the organizer of the webinar I attended.
I guess I really still am in my rehabilitation mode. I did attend the Toastmasters meeting on Tuesday at lunchtime. And I already told you about the one in Bratislava with the international president on Monday. 
I had a zoom chat today with a girlfriend and told her that I am still unclear about what direction to take business-wise. I just told you I don’t feel clear about a few things there. Yet I just know that we all have our place, I’ll find my niche, even if it is just telling my story. But that is not due until after the rehabilitation which is in February.
Johannes Stampf just called to say that the book is finally available and to be found on Kando Verlag. He made a FaceBook page. And now that I have restarted my pc, I’m logged back in and I have Todd’s video on What is the leading cause of Illness? Opportunities to share about our great products.
And it all began when I was going to make another comment on evil prevails when good men do nothing. (Edmund Burke if I remember correctly). I’ve already done a few on why I still use google and Facebook and Youtube. Here they are again.

Facebook pros and cons

Blogging or FaceBooking?

Blogging or FaceBooking?

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