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Eighty percent is enough. That’s the message for lockdown Mums.

Don’t fuss about what doesn’t get done. Another expression of don’t worry about what you can’t do, just do what you can. And of course you know the one about go out and enjoy the sun, don’t worry about cleaning the windows. Nobody will remember you for being perfect. On your deathbed, you’ll regret more what you didn’t do, especially in relation to your relationships.
My problem as a retiree is the illusion that I have all the time in the world and I think I can now do everything I want to.
If I spend all day sleeping, I don’t have time to do the other stuff. If I watch all my soaps, the day passes very quickly.
When I track all my social media responses, I get all caught up in my concepts of perfect administration and how I want to fix up my address database and link it with my journal.
Oh my gosh, I remember with my first computer work in the nineteen eighties (!) when I dreamt about linking and embedding all my documents. I guess that’s why I’m a bit attached to OneNote. Even though I dislike the fact that it tends to just save as it wants (you can change the settings, but that takes some extra effort). It’s kinda like the same reason I never got off the ground with the MacIntosh. I was used to searching for my documents in the folder structure which I created myself. I could not (=did not want to) adapt to the automatic functions and search randomly for my beloved documents.
Do you know that I used to record the name of every book I read? In a notebook with pen and paper! I had a library file naming every book I had. (On file cards) That’s why I got Godwin to start recording the names of the books he’d read when he first started reading. I don’t know when he stopped, but he’d read hundreds before he was ten.
I got that from my father. He used to record every letter that came into the house. In fact, I used to keep such a journal as well. So I was fascinated when TB confessed that he had a record of every flight he had ever taken, including the miles flown. That was something I would have also been interested to do. My first flight was in 1973 to Sydney, then to Munich with stopovers in Singapore, Bangkok, Karachi, Frankfurt. Actually the flight was booked to London and I had 12 months to complete it. So I ended up only one week in London and flew back home to attend the wedding of the couple who had met at my farewell party the year before.
My Mum loves to tell us how her ship took 45 days to get from Genoa, Italy to Melbourne, Australia in 1951. Today it takes less than half as many hours as that!
That’s another story. Did I write about my trip to Genoa with Toastmasters? I had to think of my mother as a young newly married woman on her way to her husband in Australia. The last few years I travelled so much and hardly got to share or write about any of those trips. Albania, Greece, Former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Prague, Germany. Maybe I told you a bit about some of them?
I guess it really is time to write that to do list.
Even without that list, Josef and I joined our faith community for a prayer meeting this morning.
I measured my blood pressure in the morning.
I cycled for 20 minutes while watching my series.
I think I maybe don’t drink enough water. I empty the half litre bottle beside my bed each day, but have not set up another jug as a “must do” drinking quota.
I marked off all my mails. Actually I delete tons of mails from my aon account. It tends to fill with spam every day.
I added a few meetings to my outlook and gmail calendar, moving the email invitations.
Then I actually joined the Toastmasters meeting with the International President Richard Peck, in Bratislava.
Training myself to see the positive. Wow! I actually already did a lot! Now, even though I posted my vlog, I did not share it, because who cares what I say?
Well actually, you’d be surprised, said my son. I always read to the end, once I get around to reading in the first place. So nice to know. All is not in vain.
Let’s help each other see and do the positive, right and good.
By the way, the first line was inspired by a meeting of a young mother/journalist/blogger/homeschooler. I watched her message this morning before it expired at six tonight. But I looked at her blog.
Oh, and it seems the no replay function now on a couple of my favourite series may end up being a blessing in disguise after all. Everything is a matter of attitude and perspective.
They say the real change begins once you make a decision.

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Lilly Gundacker is an Australian living in Austria, now in Vienna. With a loving husband and gifted adult children' she excels at Communication, Family, Marriage and is an Organizational expert. As a retired International Civil Servant and dedicated Unificationist she motivates, inspires, engages, and makes a difference!

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[…] am in my rehabilitation mode. I did attend the Toastmasters meeting on Tuesday at lunchtime. And I already told you about the one in Bratislava with the international president on Monday.  I had a zoom chat […]

3 years ago

If you manage even 80% consistently I think that’s very impressive!!
Also funny how you used to track everything with pen an paper and today you just say “there’s an app for that”

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