December 30



This is called “Reif” in German, when the fog freezes on the trees and makes a magical winterwonderland.

I filmed it a year ago on our way to Waldviertel and here it is again.
So I guess I need to blog every day even when I don’t have time. We spent all day at the Therme Laa and got home late, so I feel like I am always behind in all the things I want to do. But actually, we had a lovely day.
The fog was frozen on the tree. I had to take a photo even before the sun rose. Then as we drove through the fog, Josef commented what a special atmosphere it was. I mentioned it would be great when the sun came out and we had a blue sky against the frozen trees. Sure enough. There they were. We stopped by the side of the road. It was just too beautiful! The sun shone in our eyes and I could not see what I was filming. There was a church tower rising out of the fog ahead of us, the trees covered in frost beside us, the sun shining on our faces. That’s all the photos I got today.
We left our phones in the locker all day. I had sauna, dip, spa, water massage, swim outside with the sun shining on my face, body water massage, steam bath and finally lymph drainage massage. Relaxing in the quiet room. Lunch in the restaurant. Coffee and cake.
All as a gift from our community for fourteen years of pastoring, presented to us during appreciate your pastor week.

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