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So it is not just Gordon Neufeld who talks about attachment theory. As I read the report of Hilde Piepenburg’s presentation “The Attachment Theory – How does Love work?”


I had to reflect on the Christmas when my sons all came home, except for the youngest, who has taken a daring step into the big, wide world. “Children need love and to investigate  the environment. Attachment and exploration oppose each other…The unknown can only awaken curiosity when the child feels emotionally secure. Effective bonding promotes the child’s independence and personality development. Or to express it another way, emotional security encourages learning!”

How grateful I am to my own parents, who pioneered a difficult course from war-torn Europe to start from below zero in Australia, with no running water or electricity, to build a home and family in Melbourne’s Western suburbs, that we still cherish today.

As I long to reflect on the past year and marvel at all my own accomplishments, I have to humbly bow my head in gratitude and prayer that I come from a loving family and have been able to build a loving family of my own.

How grateful I am to my brothers who have embraced my own youngest son, and given him all the support he needs to find his own way in life. How lucky we are when we grow up in a loving family, parents who care and provide us with all they can to fulfill our needs. We were never rich, but we had what we needed. i can always complain, but giving thanks and praise is a whole new ball-game. Now it has to be said. Thank you to my parents, and their parents. Thank you to my brothers, and their families. Thank you to my husband, his family and our children. We have been led and guided to go a path of commitment. We have sacrificed for what we believed in. We can be proud that our kids came home for Christmas. And that they are free to spend the New Year anywhere in the world. God Bless you all.

Love you. 

Mum, Lilly.

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Christmas Eve in Austria
Family Christmas

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Lilly Gundacker is an Australian living in Austria, now in Vienna. With a loving husband and gifted adult children' she excels at Communication, Family, Marriage and is an Organizational expert. As a retired International Civil Servant and dedicated Unificationist she motivates, inspires, engages, and makes a difference!

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