June 14

Like a LAN Party!

said Ingrid’s daughter’s friend, when he visited to find three laptops on the table and Ingrid, Christine and I fervently discussing our content. It was a wonderful weekend of sharing and developing and contemplating how we can contribute to a German language content paper.

Can you imagine that? Your grandmother (because any one of us could be your grandmother!) meeting with like-minded and similar aged women for a LAN Party? Well, that’s what we did. We three women from Germany, Austria and Australia, met for a weekend in Germany to discuss our dedication and determination to contribute to the high ideals of the women’s federation. Christine told us a couple of years ago that when she attended her school reunion, she was the only one in her class who had a laptop. I have long since given up the hope of finding women advisors in my age-group, to help me out with technical support or hard or soft ware advice. That area is firmly in the hands of our second generation. Hence, once again, praise and thanks to son, Christoph for setting me up here. Now we just want to find a few young women who would also be interested in supporting our internal content, and not just polish up the external form.

p.s. Dear Ingrid and Christine, due to a computer crash I lost these photos. 🙁  Did I give them to you beforehand? lg


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