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Then, after our rest and review of our photos, we went out to look for a place to have dinner. I had mentioned that we didn’t really even walk down Four Mile Beach

and Josef pointed out that we went to the beach the first day here. Anyhow, he suggested we go to the beach now and then walk to one of the many restaurants along the way back. I remembered the talk we got from our crocodile expert (who cheekily suggested that anyone silly enough to get caught by a crocodile, AUGHT to get caught because there are signs everywhere, crocodiles are clever animals of prey, who use their opportunities and you can*t blame THEM). So as we approached the beach, I noticed the warning signs which Josef had already walked past. There was a bottle of vinegar for the stinger burns, the warning sign for stingers and, sure enough, there was the crocodile warning, too. There was a couple sitting on the beach in the dark, and Josef mentioned that as if to say, well, if they are there, it must be alright. I commented to them, since they were sitting, the crocodile would take them first, and then really did not want to stay on the beach. We found a lovely Stone grill dining restaurant at a hotel which is actually waterfront and close to the main street. It was excellent. We’ll do the walk on the beach another time.

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