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Australian Fruit Picking Jobs

Who asked me recently what fruits grow in Australia? I just looked up Childers, where our youngest is picking mangoes for a couple of weeks. I checked out the Eco Lodge where he is staying. It has a review as the best back-packers accommodation in the area. Continue reading

That was 2016

After spending Christmas all together at the end of 2015, we began the New Year 2016 together alone for the first time ever, and then spent the day with our community in Gfoehl and lunch in an Indian restaurant in Krems/Stein. Continue reading

Safari 3

Memoirs. The last leg of the trip up to Queensland when I was fifteen. We had a twelve by 18 foot tent, a VW bus and roofrack. By the end of the 6 week trip we were well trained and each had our own assignments. I was responsible for the ropes. Continue reading

Aussie Memories Queensland 2

And the trip continues . I was writing the board log, recording all the stops and starts, rivers crossed and cities visited.

This one starts in  Cooktown at the lighthouse and then driving down again.  Continue reading

Queensland Safari Skruznys in 1969-70


After spending a week at the Barrier Reef with Josef in the middle of Australia’s winter, June 2016, I came back home to Mum’s in Melbourne Continue reading

Memoirs and Memories

Well now that I am in Europe and my mother and son are in Australia, it’s time to do some reflecting. Continue reading

Property Prices in Australia

This is just to post a link to a video of an auction I attended of a house in the next street to where I grew up in Melbourne’s Western suburbs. Continue reading

Relationships and Forgiveness

Such a powerful video. I just love Mark Gungor. This video is from 2005 and somebody just posted it on Facebook today, and I just had to watch it to the end. At the end I am in tears and thinking, these are the educational materials we need to be using at couples seminars. He is just so real, so entertaining, so honest, understanding, enlightening and yet, Continue reading


While in Queensland we went to Kuranda with the intention to go on the Skyrail cablecar across the top of the tropical north Queensland rainforest. Continue reading


We spent the last day in Australia, at home at Mum’s, at Babi’s while she went out for her German Club outing. Josef exchanged a few words with the lady from the German club who came to pick Mum up.

Continue reading

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