Companies should pay taxes in Australia on profits made in Australia. G20 global governments come to agreement in Cairns. Perhaps they were chilled out by its tropical charms?

Yes, Cairns is a great place to be. It’s where my son made his scuba diving licence earlier this year. It’s where I drove with my parents and four brothers last century and slept in a tent. It’s where there’s an underwater observatory and giant clams.

Aussie in Austria looks at local Aussie news. I just had a listen to msn nine news and was inspired to see the signs of the times. Soon I will be seriously editing Herber Giller’s new book and this is right down that alley.

Google,  Apple  and Amazon should pay their taxes! There’s already been so much about corporate social responsibility. Reading the recently published book in German: What comes after capitalism? has me all conscious of the way things could change quite drastically when/if people/corporations/governments did what’s right and not just what’s legal.