I took the dollar which Mum gave us and made my way to the gambling machines. My analytical mind would not let me do anything until reading all the instruction screens. Then I dropped my dollar coin in the slot and still did not understand how it works. I saw I had made a win and kept playing until it was all used up. There were five buttons. The one on the left was to use one line at 2 cents. Then there was ten cents, twenty cents and I think fifty cents. I started off just using the left button, but it was too slow for me, so eventually I pressed the right one to get it over and done with.

I started muttering about the youth of today and how we had no right to complain about the use of mobile phones and computer use addiction, when so many older people were glued to their glass screens watching flashing lights and desperately pressing buttons. A lady came to sit beside me to play the machine there and got quite offended by my
comments. She asked me what I was doing there if I didn’t like it. I said: Mum brought me here. Mum is 88 years old. This lady was probably my age, so we were both no spring chickens anymore. Then she asked me what was my addiction and I really had to think a minute and then I said: Coffee. I am addicted to coffee.