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Mainly things which should not be published e.g. relating to my job and colleagues at the UN, personal experiences with details about my children or other people who may be sensitive to exposure or information not for public disclosure. Could also be church related referring to current situation. May be released at a future date when nobody would be compromised or threatened. Could be useful source of insightful information. My handy reference to what happened when, with who, not for publication.


Will I or won’t I? I have recorded a few testimonies, reflections, inspirations and am preparing for either private or public exposure. Here’s a link to the vlog which I have just uploaded:

It was such a beautiful warm, sunny October day. As I mention, I was all reflective about: “What’s going to happen next?” And yet, on the other hand, thoroughly faithful and trusting that: ” Everything is going to be all right!”

Pokies or coffee?

I took the dollar which Mum gave us and made my way to the gambling machines. My analytical mind would not let me do anything until reading all the instruction screens. Then I dropped my dollar coin in the slot and still did not understand how it works. I saw I had made a win and kept playing until it was all used up. There were five buttons. The one on the left was to use one line at 2 cents. Then there was ten cents, twenty cents and I think fifty cents. I started off just using the left button, but it was too slow for me, so eventually I pressed the right one to get it over and done with.
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