And the last day continues. After a shower and some dry clothes, we got into the car and took a drive around Port Douglas. We stopped at the Wildlife Habitat just before they closed at five and I bought some spray for itchy stings and some Aussie chocolate, I mean real Aussie chocolate

made up here from cocoa beans grown in Australia. I told them I had not seen it anywhere, but was sure there must be some since there is tea and coffee growing here, I thought there must be chocolate too.

Drove around some more, saw a catholic church nearly next to an Anglican church as well as a school or two. Then we took a turn past the Sea Temple Gold Course and ended up on the road back to Cairns, approaching sunset. We wanted a quiet place to open our coconuts and stopped at a lonely beach with lovely pebbles and a sign saying no stones to be taken from here. Josef got to work and started carving away at one of the coconuts. Neither of us is an expert at opening a coconut straight from the tree and it took till after sunset to finally get it open. I tasted the milk, it was sweet, verdict, good. So we finally had our coconut off the beach. We left the others there on the beach as we can’t really take them with us on the plane.