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Hal Elrod in Miracle Morning, talks about savers. He uses the acronym S-A-V-E-R-S to remember what to do every single morning. I was not sure what they were and first wrote: S-Scribing; A-Affirmations; V-Vision; E-Exercise; R-Reflection; S-Scripture. I referred to them in my vlog this morning.
Those six practices not only pulled him out of his rock bottom but turned out to be the best way to take his physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual capacities to another level.
The S.A.V.E.R.S. are:

Dean Graziosi says he is dyslexic and he loves to listen to books. We are living in amazing times with amazing opportunities.
I’ve just come out of a call with a friend who does not use WhatsApp. She is also not coming to our WFWP Annual conference in Cyprus.
It is so easy to judge one another. I am so into appreciating that we are all so, so, different and that is okay. I am really looking forward to the week in Cyprus. Mainly because I imagine the atmosphere on the island and the proximity to the ocean. I have lived in Austria for over thirty years now and have almost forgotten that I am in a land-locked country.
When I first came here to Austria, I was almost obsessed with the fact that the ocean is so far away.
I am the techie for this group of women, and we are planning our media meeting for the conference shortly.
I wonder what the average age of the participants will be?
We will be celebrating Joy Martina’s 50th birthday and I fear she may be among the youngest of the group. (Sorry, Joy, I hope not, and I also do not expect you to be reading this! LOL!)

I am alive
We old pioneers have a story to tell, and I am working on getting ready to tell that story. This blog and vlog are a few steps in that direction.
As I recorded my vlog this morning, I recognize how I push myself past the feelings of inadequacy, of not being pretty enough, good enough, slim enough, young enough, to just appreciating that I am still here, I am alive, I am a survivor, and I am grateful!
So, who wants to hear my story?
Sometimes I hear myself say, my stories are all from a long time ago. It’s time to create a few new ones.

My letter to God this morning
Dearest Heavenly Parent
Thank you for being, for creating, for loving. Thank you that you made us in your image, to reflect your love, your heart, your passions, your desires. Thank you for this time on earth to grow, to comprehend your heart, to have children, to experience blessed family life. Thank you. Thank you, Thank you.

God’s letter to me:
My loving Heavenly Daughter, You do not comprehend how much I need you. How I need you to be you. How I need you to express yourself, as in expressing yourself, you become the expression of me, you give me a voice, you show my heart. I need and love you so much, as I need and love every single one of my children. You give me a voice. You give me a face. Yes, your face, with all its scars and imperfections. You are my face. I was here before you. I experienced it all before you. I had the pain before you. I had millions of children before you. Do not hide yourself, for in doing so, you hide me. I want to finally be seen, be heard, be appreciated, be loved, but most of all, for my love to be felt. You are my voice. You are my love. You are my desires. You are my hopes, my dreams, my wishes, my vision.
Dare to dream bigger. Dare to become the one I made you to be. You are not just some accident that came about. You are not just some chance occurrence, now living in history. You are my daughter. You are my fruits. You are my joy and hope and dreams. You are also the seeds of posterity. Do not underestimate your impact, your value, your influence. You are not Tony Robbins. You are not Dean Graziosi. You are you. You are ME. You are my voice, you are my face, you have my body. You are my instrument. I need you to speak on my behalf. I need you to act for me. I need you to be there so that they know I am there, I am real. I love, I care. I cry. I crave.

Be bold and strong
Be bold and strong. I will not forsake you. I have never given up. You are my light, my beacon. You have a mission. Never doubt it. Turn up. Show up. Speak up. Be my voice.
Human design may be one way for you to gain confidence. I am expressing myself through you as in nobody else. Polish that diamond. Bless yourself. Love yourself as I love you. Take care of the temple I have given you for this earthly period. Yes, it is unique to you, and it makes you special, unique in a way nobody else can express my love, my heart, my emotion, my will. So, cherish this earthly body and love it and bless it and decorate it as my temple. Yes, get your hair cut, short if you like. Get curls if you must. Your face will heal. Your soul will blossom. Your heart is great. We are one.

This is my personal testimony
This is my personal testimony, my own blog, that is my personal diary which I am publishing on-line. Yes, I am unique. Yes, I get carried away. Yes, I am eccentric. Yes, I am okay. I am fine. I am great. I am awesome.
Oh, by the way, as I take on the role of media advisor to WFWP Europe and the Middle East, I confess my mistakes and my learning curve. Dean and Tony really stress how important it is to keep going, keep doing, be active. It is the learnings, the failings, the doings, that will teach you the most and get you furtherest.
I wanted to post the photos from the UN to the new Instagram site I created for WFWP EUME. I also would like to start using the hashtags recommended by our European president:
Always use this hashtag:

Feel free to mix and match these hashtags based on the content and themes we will be covering at the conference sessions, networking, socolalising

1. Empowerment and Leadership:
#WomenEmpowerment #LeadershipJourney #WomenInPower

2. Personal Growth and Development:
#ProfessionalDevelopment #PersonalEmpowerment #SelfImprovement

3. Diversity and Inclusion:
#InclusiveLeadership #DiverseVoices #EqualityMatters

4. Social Impact:
#SocialChange #CommunityDevelopment #EmpoweringOthers

5. Women’s Rights and Advocacy:
#GenderEquality #WomenRights #feminineleadership

6. Inspirational Stories:
#LeadingByExample #TrailblazingWomen #InspiringJourneys

7. Collaboration and Partnerships:
#Teamwork #BuildingAlliances #CollaborativeLeadership

8. Sustainable Development:
#SustainableLeadership #EnvironmentalResponsibility #GlobalSustainability

9. Innovation and Technology:
#DigitalLeadership #TechAdvancements #InnovativeSolutions

10. Women in Politics:
#PoliticalLeadership #WomenInGovernment #PolicyMakers

And by the way, I overlooked the fact that I was on my personal profile when I shared the photos of our UN reps in Vienna. I still have not figured out how to share them to the other profile.

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Lilly Gundacker is an Australian living in Austria, now in Vienna. With a loving husband and gifted adult children' she excels at Communication, Family, Marriage and is an Organizational expert. As a retired International Civil Servant and dedicated Unificationist she motivates, inspires, engages, and makes a difference!

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