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It’s taken me this long. Mum passed away on August 14th. I was talking to my brother in Australia when he told me that he had a message from another brother. They were in total lockdown in Melbourne. I wanted to come. Even my kids offered to support so I could be with Mum, none of us knowing how long we still had. Then the final news. Mum had just passed.

Mum was 93 years old
I had a photo of Mum in hospital which did not look good. Then I received a photograph from the day before her stroke. She saw her 6th and youngest great grandchild and was happily holding him.
Mum was 93 years old and very philosophical. She was grateful for all her experiences and for her family. I did so many interviews with her and so much want to share them all. As my brother Eric said, it is the job of another generation. I’ve shared and written a few blogs and I’ll link them here, or in another article. Or check out this play list Babi
I realize I have not even “Officially” announced her passing. We did not print the mourning cards here in Austria. How do you sum up a life? You really can’t. I can’t yet I also cannot just let this time pass without a comment.
We, my four brothers and I, her 12 grandsons and one granddaughter and her 6 great-grandchildren, are a legacy to be reckoned with. I was there with her when Dad passed and was surprised how much she really wanted me to be with her as we began dealing with the last will and testament and planned for the future.
I recorded a vlog message
I’ve got a reputation of talking about too many things at once. I got so engrossed in tracking the articles, I’ll just have to write another one.
Meanwhile I recorded a vlog message which, typical for me, ended up all over the place.
Ozlilly YouTube Channel
My final point was: persevere. I don’t believe I am getting distracted. It’s just that I am doing so much at once. I was editing the video for Toastmasters and got onto monitoring the VIC Toastmasters YouTube channel. Then I started adding the data to my data file on videos. I keep a list of the videos I’ve uploaded so I can do queries and tell you when, who and what I’ve filmed.
You see I service a number of organizations and people who do not want their recordings public. So I have literally thousands of films, many of which are already on YouTube, but only visible to those who have the actual link.
Personally, despite my fear of being criticized and made fun of and put down, I consider myself a public person and more and more I want my work to be public too. I want you to know what I’m doing, and I want us to cooperate in interdependence to make the world a better place.
Did you notice in the video where I said I would tell you later what else I wanted to say? It was the three points of interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universally shared values.
I’ve been doing voluntary work for so long that I got into the habit of hiding. I’ve decided not to do that anymore. I’m posting videos for Women’s Federation for World Peace, for Toastmasters and for myself.
Now myself, I’m setting up my profile as VA/OMA. I am a virtual assistant, on-line management assistant.
I’ve been hosting zoom meetings, recording, and publishing meetings, editing and writing reports and so much more. It’s taking me back to just before I started working at the UN. I was a volunteer for WFWP, and we were preparing the Beyond 2008 Conference with the Drugs Committee in cooperation with UNODC. I was in the office with the paid staff members and quickly saw that I was faster and clearer in some aspects of office management than the UN staff. I was actually between jobs and my advisor at the employment office had advised me that I should be focusing on finding work, not on helping save the world for free.
Well, I made my plea to the universe to get me that job at the UN and a few months later I was called in for an interview. I didn’t get that first job, but I kept trying. So back to my video message. Keep trying.
And my message now: yes, it’s time again to ask the universe to pay me what I’m worth. Bob Proctor says be prepared to do more than you’re paid for, and you’ll be paid for more than you do.
Do women ever get paid for what they actually do? I don’t really think so. Not in money anyhow. Our rewards are the love of our children. Now when I have a parental heart, I’ll also harvest the love of my “spiritual children”. Yes, richness is not just money. It is relationships.
Looks like if you want to read my stuff, you’ll just have to accept that I really do go all over the place. My thoughts are fast and furious. Help me to do some of the things I want to get done, like build Heavenly Parents Holy Community. We can only do it together.

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Lilly Gundacker is an Australian living in Austria, now in Vienna. With a loving husband and gifted adult children' she excels at Communication, Family, Marriage and is an Organizational expert. As a retired International Civil Servant and dedicated Unificationist she motivates, inspires, engages, and makes a difference!

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