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I decided to invest in myself and took “another” Leap of Faith. Yes, I’ve had my moments. I have my revelations.

I’ve recognized some of my defining moments. One leap of faith was three years ago when we moved to Vienna. Another was when I decided to invest in myself knowing that I have so much more to give.
Now I am learning about the “terror barrier” and realizing that I’ve crashed through that a number of times in the past. I especially think of the times when I was much younger. Like when I bought myself a motorcycle. Or when I left home to move into a flat. Or when I came back home to manage the household while my parents took their first trip back to Europe. Or when I quit my job to go to Europe myself. Or when I left my job in Switzerland to return to Australia. And when I applied to the nursing school at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. And then when I was nominated as the student nurse representative of the whole student nurse class of ’75, and when I threw it all in to join the Unification Church.
I’m learning about the terror barrier which you face when you have a dream, a vision, a desire and you know you can do something, and you want to do something, and you decide to do it. And it scares you.
I thought I would write my blog and I thought I might start a business and I knew I would be led along. But I didn’t know it would be like this.
So, what is it like?
I’m learning to go with the flow. I know I can motivate and inspire. I was thinking of reviewing the last couple of years, on the occasion of my birthday, since my retirement.
Now I just saw the beautiful portrait of my buddy on Facebook, and it occurred to me I could review my whole life and post a slide-show too. Yet, I want to just get this out because, hey, look, I haven’t posted a blog article in June. June is my birth month. There’s a meeting in 20 minutes and I just want to do it and get on with my life.
We went on a trip to a thermal area and visited the thermal pools three days in a row. I did post to social media. When we got home, I felt like the swelling in my knees was so much better. I suddenly had a new image for myself. I could see that someday both my legs will be okay. They are already so much better. I’m learning how important it is to focus on what you want, be grateful for what you have and revel in the abundance of life. How easy, useless, and stupid to live in deficit mode. Now I’m even developing my dreams, vision and self-image to build the world where there is no need to fear Google, Facebook, YouTube or the internet.
I already proclaimed to my LightWorker friends that I am staying on each of the social media channels just to be sure that “evil” does not prevail. You know what Edmund Burke said. Well, if I leave WhatsApp and Facebook and Gmail then it will be just full of all the wrong people. As long as I am still there, I provide the opportunity for good to prevail. I am not the one doing nothing.
Don’t get me wrong. I am not spouting to make you feel bad. I am not bragging about what I’m doing. I am not shouting and asking to be cut down. I’m not telling you what to do.
I am proclaiming that we can all create a better world by being it. You know that quote from Gandhi.
I’ll admit, I was challenged and did not want to do all the fiddly things simply because I can. I am built for more. Yet as long as I don’t hold myself accountable and do what I know I can do, you will never find out about it. So, here’s my June blog article, ready to go.
I’m fascinated by what attracts attention and what doesn’t. I have not done my research about when to post to get the best raves. And yes, I do still want to get subscribers to YouTube, so would need to do a few more vlogs. So hang in there. This is Ozlilly sharing with you about my realizations and probably also adding a few photos with totally different captions just to show you how my mind works. But maybe you’ve got some ideas about that already?
Be open minded. Be ready to be surprised. I may just surprise you. Or you may even surprise yourself!

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Lilly Gundacker

Lilly Gundacker is an Australian living in Austria, now in Vienna. With a loving husband and gifted adult children' she excels at Communication, Family, Marriage and is an Organizational expert. As a retired International Civil Servant and dedicated Unificationist she motivates, inspires, engages, and makes a difference!

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