November 25

Last Sunday in Australia


It was only two weeks here Down Under but it was really worth it. I came for the wedding and that was just so moving. Seeing all the family and meeting so many of the extended family was such a beautiful unique opportunity. Today I drove to the church community in Belgrave and rediscovered my joy of driving. There are just so many gum trees planted along the highways now. You really know that you are in Australia. I had to think of my Father who really loved travelling, especially driving around Australia. No wonder Mum wanted to watch their old videos. Thankfully now my brother Gary has finally managed to set it up so she can watch them.
I love taking photos to remind me of how lucky I am, how blessed I am and I am just so grateful.
Look at the beautiful Aussie flora. I even heard a kookaburra while in Belgrave. Unfortunately I was not quick enough with my video settings, but I enjoyed it just the same.
Only a couple of photos with old colleagues, but a brief post on FaceBook and we all share a smile, remember old times and new and know again how blessed we all are.



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[…] and I’ve inherited so much from her. Was also great to meet again with friend, Diane Simboro. In Last Sunday in Australia I briefly mention why I went to so much trouble, spent so much money for just a couple of weeks […]

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