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Abundant Living

Our Unification Movement is gearing up to the next level with another Rally of Hope. Many European members will be up all night to stay live with the Korean broadcast.

The focus is on the reunification of Korea. Rev. Moon once said that communism cannot last more than 73 years. In 1985 he predicted the fall of the Soviet Union. Many CARP students consider they contributed to the fall of the Berlin Wall.
I’ve a few stories to tell about my contribution to world peace. I’ve said before I easily go off on a tangent and will try to keep myself in check right now.
I’m writing my blog in the conviction that I have something to offer. I’ve recorded my vlog and I guess most of my recent posts have been along the lines of my exercise in self-assertion.
We’re living in an age when many people are challenged. Here in Austria, here in Vienna, with October first, the government has tightened the mask regulations. I have consciously avoided watching daily news bulletins in order to focus on positivity and maintaining a high frequency. Yet the dichotomy of opinions relating to our current world health situation is inescapable.
I choose to follow a daily routine which connects me with my spouse, with the Universal Source of Love (I call it Heavenly Parent), with a buddy, in a self-help development programme, and with my own physical body through my twenty to thirty minutes on the home trainer.
It’s come to my attention that I should be more aware of how wonderful it is that I am doing all this, instead of constantly thinking about all the other things which I have not completed.
On Monday I finally had a look at the WFWP Europe website and got access to it. At the evening meeting with NGO colleagues, I expressed my concept that we should be publishing our activities in order to share with one and all as well as in order to have material ready for an intern, for support.
On Tuesday I was at the extraordinary meeting of the Coalition of Faith Based Organizations. I managed to keep my phone tucked away for a short time, but eventually started filming the presentations. I just can’t help myself. I even joined the clips together and posted them on YouTube, despite their incoherence and dubious quality. I planned to write a report for our WFWP Newsletter which had a deadline for October first. I could not whittle my text down to the five to six hundred words required and am now confronted with the next dilemma. What do I do with it now since the deadline has expired and I have published nothing?
On Wednesday I started a course on Algorithms with Karen Smith and other WFWP women leaders working on UN NGO representation and cooperation.
I was happy to support other senior colleagues and was reminded of the time around 30 years ago when my father got a computer and had no technical support. He got so frustrated and ended up playing solitaire for hours on end. I wanted to read his biography. The internet did not work at home. You know the story. We have the same issues today. Only the progress is phenomenal. Now the limitation is the smart phone storage is too full to download the app. The programme has not been configured to complete the login process correctly.
We are still all a work in progress. It’s so easy to get discouraged. Yet we have really come such a long way.
This week I signed up for WILD Women with Rhonda Swan.
It seems I have access to unending educational programmes and that’s where my dilemma starts. I want to do it all! I subscribe to Bob Proctor who says you can have it all and it’s all a matter of attitude.
I’ve come a long way in that I have maintained my daily cycling schedule. The prayer and meeting to read and study, we call it Hon Dok Hae, in our Unification Movement is already a decades long commitment, routine and habit. It is certainly my tip for any couples who want to make their marriage last. When you read, study, discuss and pray together on a daily basis it is virtually a guarantee to keep communication channels open. I believe communication is a major part of relationships. I’m certainly grateful for the growth my husband and I have each experienced in our time together.
Tuesdays is my “too busy day”. I have the VIC Toastmasters Club meeting and often an NGO meeting. I have a Q+A session with Vivienne Posch. My Buddy says I do too much. Sometimes I think so too. Yet I can’t stop now. Despite clashes and overlaps I am so grateful for all I can do. Sometimes my choice is to stay at home to attend an on-line meeting rather than an in-person meeting. And yes, sometimes I even just settle into the arm-chair and watch a TV show.
I have learned to be mindful, to appreciate what I have, where I am. I have overcome my deficiency thinking. I know I am living in abundance. I just have to share it with you. I know we can all enrich one another. Let’s just do it!

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Lilly Gundacker

Lilly Gundacker is an Australian living in Austria, now in Vienna. With a loving husband and gifted adult children' she excels at Communication, Family, Marriage and is an Organizational expert. As a retired International Civil Servant and dedicated Unificationist she motivates, inspires, engages, and makes a difference!

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