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In this time of Corona Virus confinement –oops – are we in the mode of not mentioning our most talked about problem right now? Anyhow, not sure just yet.
Last week I saw so many posts giving advice, offering support, cheering up, all the things I thought of doing that I decided not to do any of those things!
Now, this second week has begun and seems like USA and a few other places are a couple weeks behind us here in Austria.
I was so proud of our Austrian government rallying together to pass new laws facilitating service and emergency help for the communities nation-wide as opposition and government voted unanimously to protect the population. Seems there is a certain consciousness here despite the teething pains as we try to learn our lessons before the crisis is over. Yes there is still criticism and complaint, but so much positive reinforcement that I am blown away!
These politicians who just a week ago were criticizing everything the other parties were doing, now pulling together, recognising the common enemy and acting together for the sake of the greater good. That’s how democracy should work.
I see the posts from friends in UK, Australia and USA and just shake my head. Don’t they know that they are spreading the virus? We hear the tragic stories from Italy and hold our breath as we follow the trend in Austria.

I hear the president proclaiming offers of money and think that just is not enough! We need action, solidarity, responsibility!
I don’t know whether I have been exposed. I have been voluntarily self-isolating since the beginning of March. I do not have fever. My slight sniffle is insignificant considering my daily exposure to the sniffling, coughing, self-denying package I sleep with each night. I’m convinced my daily supplements keep up my immunity. We both practice positive thinking. He’s certainly consuming much more fruit and veg since we did this metabolic detox together.
Such a dear. Currently receiving calls for the Red Cross service line at home. He just loves his work and does such a great job.
Was just not what I was expecting to be exposed to right now.
Last week
Last week we were originally planning to celebrate two birthdays so I was busy scanning family photos for a slide show. Well the first celebration became a virtual celebration. Just the two of us at home and family joining in from Canada, Vienna and Lower Austria on-line.
I haven’t really figured out this FaceBook deal of stories, posts and timeline.

I think I’m the digital widget who’s going to train all these old fogies on using social media and it’s all just learning by doing. I posted a photo to my story for Josef’s birthday so of course it does not show up in my timeline or profile history.
Remember how I thought I would be blogging every day once I retire and have time? Haha!
Just look at my posts last week – all posted as stories:

FB Stories

March Birthdays

19 March Josef’s birthday and our protein blueberry cheese-cake
20 March posted two photos of Nathan’s first and third birthday, in Zwettl and Kirchberg.
So while I think I’m sharing, in my mind I’m still in the FaceBook mode of a few years ago and not realizing that I won’t find these posts the next day. There have been enough articles written by “older” people about the speed of change and difficulty in keeping up with all the modern developments.
My mind is racing again as I consider all the things I was going to write about and my idea to support people my age and even some younger, who could do with some guidance on all this modern media stuff.
Now I’m getting ready for another couple of zoom meetings. I was going to write about all the on-line meetings we had last week but now the next one is already coming up, I’ll have to post this or else, we’ll never get to publication stage.
Working on getting short current posts regularly. Much better than trying to post a “perfect” article later, especially when there’s so much going on and I want to tell you everything! You just have to discern and decide for yourself what you will read and what not.
I have a few wonderful mentors whom I often quote. These are exciting times! I’ll tell you more after the next few meetings, after I’ve had some time to digest, reflect and share.
Take care. Keep in touch. Communicate.
It’s important not to isolate. Talk to someone, even in a chat on-line. There are endless opportunities.
Love you all.
God bless.

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Lilly Gundacker is an Australian living in Austria, now in Vienna. With a loving husband and gifted adult children' she excels at Communication, Family, Marriage and is an Organizational expert. As a retired International Civil Servant and dedicated Unificationist she motivates, inspires, engages, and makes a difference!

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