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February 11, 2022 in Blog

Harmony, religious
Interfaith Harmony Week event in Vienna

I’m in a “heart sells” seminar this week. I’m working on my mind-set. Christine Schlonski talks about finding your “soul mate”, to focus on what you want, what you love to do and to believe in yourself.


This past year, since starting the Bob Proctor, ‘Thinking into Results’ course, I’m bumping into all sorts of people who teach this high frequency, mind-set, synchronicity philosophy. It is so inspiring. It is that self-perpetuating, self-fulfilling prophesy! Once you start on this course, you just keep meeting more and more other trainers and people who reinforce and confirm those exact same teachings.

Yesterday we went to the World Interfaith Harmony Week event. I was so moved by the high calibre of each of the interfaith speakers. Each one, though grounded in their own faith, had a very high attitude of exchange with others and respect for differences. I also met up with someone I had not seen in real life since we travelled through former Yugoslavia together on a bus trip a few years ago on a Peace Road event.

Prayer and Faith

This morning in our morning devotion, Josef and I began reading World Scripture. Rev moon taught us to come together to study and pray each morning. We’ve worked our way through volumes of speeches, scriptures, and texts as we spend twenty minutes together each morning, reading aloud and discussing together. The prayer has been our ritual from the beginning. After all, had it not been for our life of faith, we would never have met!

This reading began somewhat later. We recently read the text where Rev Moon urges us to come together for study and discussion each morning. I think back to the times we read at home in Kirchberg, when the kids were still home. Then even further back when we lived in Linz and Seebenstein.

Establishing habits of faith when you have little children is a real challenge. I remember when I resolved that even if we couldn’t keep time schedules with our spiritual rituals, we would maintain the rituals themselves. Now as the children have all set up their own households, the two of us continue in our path of faith which has supported us all along. How else could two such completely different individuals manage to stay together?


My mind jumps again as I remind myself to focus. My passion is to support and motivate. I get caught up in feelings of inadequacy as I check the video recording I made. I’m still working on the video editing course to improve my presentation skills.

Less is more

My challenge is to recognize that less is more. I have laced all the clips together and still want to make another version, adding even more still shots to get a better overview. Yet I know I should probably put a translation of the text in here, zoom in there, cut something out. That’s where it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing. So stop!

Patience. I will get there. I have another thirty years. I’ve learned so much about mindset. Keep positive. One step after the other.

Now I’m tempted to go on because I don’t think I have enough words. Yet the next tangent is looming on the horizon, and I said I ought to focus. So, what to do?

I actually wanted to tell you a little bit more about the World Scripture. We only read the Foreward, Preface, and started the Introduction, this morning.

From the Foreward:
there are those people whose genuine concern for religion and spirituality will be further stimulated by having easy access to so many scriptural traditions. Second there are many students of the comparative study of religions or history of religions who may be able to use this book in the classroom and beyond. Third there are many religious professionals, whether Christian or Muslim or Buddhist or whatever, who will find this a good reference book.

And from the introduction:
Theologians of all faiths are affirming the positive worth of other religions and seeking to overcome the prejudice of an earlier time. It is now widely recognized that humanity’s search for God, or for the Ultimate Reality, called by whatever name, is at the root of all religions.


Now I didn’t even really want to focus on religion as such. I’m all into “Mind-set”. Lots of my gurus and mentors today talk about “source”, “spirit”, “energy” or “the universe”. We in the Unification movement talk about “Heavenly Parent”. We embrace the masculine and feminine nature of our origin and recognize we are whole when we are one.

So now the next tangent.
I have to reflect on the nature of love and Josef’s current project. As much as we proclaim that “God is love”, Rev. Moon’s teachings about the nature of love are revolutionary. The teachings about the origin of evil being a misuse of love blew my mind then and still today fill me with a conviction that this very truth is becoming more and more self-evident.


I’m still working on figuring out my calling. I am happy to support WFWP, to continue servicing the YouTube channels and providing technical support. Yet I have to think back to the advice I got years ago as a religious pioneer, that my gifts lie elsewhere. True. I do believe, once I can afford it, I would be happy to pay somebody to take care of our websites and video channels. It is coming time for me to place my offer on the market. What would you be prepared to pay me to do?

Really, I want to teach these principles of interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universally shared values. I see people today paying thousands for courses which teach what sounds to me just like what I heard years ago as I studied the Unification Principles. And there are experts, scientists, gurus and leaders who share their expression and interpretation of the truth.
Fact is, we are all, individual truth bodies. My truth may resonate with you as we each connect back to the source and recognize our unfathomable, unique, eternal root of love.

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Lilly Gundacker is an Australian living in Austria, now in Vienna. With a loving husband and gifted adult children' she excels at Communication, Family, Marriage and is an Organizational expert. As a retired International Civil Servant and dedicated Unificationist she motivates, inspires, engages, and makes a difference!

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