February 28

George and Karin visit Kirchberg


So now I’ll try using this closed circuit family registration part of the blog. Wrong! That was just to view the comments and now I don’t even know what the password was! So all and sundry can read all my blogs marked family – no restrictions, no limitations, no secrets. That’s what I call transparency and accountability.

My brother George and his Swiss wife Karin came to visit from Australia for three nights and just left us this morning. They arrived on Thursday afternoon at Wien Westbahnhof and Godwin and Josef brought a bed to the CARP centre for Godwin and then went to pick up George and Karin. I took the train home and we met there.
On Friday, I went to work in the morning and then we met again in Vienna to attend a presentation of 4D frame. It was very interesting. Probably enough material here to go public, so we’ll see how much of this I keep under closed login conditions. Who is reading this anyway? Please send me feedback.

Hmm, nearly one year later and no response? I just know that I am not alone. But do I really want to know WHO is reading this?


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