November 1

Day One Thanks Guys


Me and my tree
Me and my tree

If you are reading this today, you may have been curious to know what I write on my blog.





I heard that it was blocked from the office computers for security reasons. So I hope that you feel extremely safe and secure in your of
fice which protects you from the dangerous input which I am now, briefly, free to distribute to the internet and all of cyberspace.

I am enjoying my first day of semi-pseudo retirement. It has been a beautiful, sunny, autumn day. I slept in. I know, you, my former colleagues, were busy working. Some of you, with the double burden of taking care of your children. who had the day off school today.
My husband cooked some eggs for breakfast for me, and my middle son came home from Italy, just in time for lunch, which my husband lovingly cooked for us. Now I have some “free time” to blog and reflect and prepare for the next period of my now, not so busy, life. I will be working on editing a book and still want to complete an insurance claim before it all expires, so I am not bored. In fact, I am being extremely disciplined to make sure that I start each project which I want to complete and allocate a certain time to accomplish it, step by step.


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