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September 26, 2022 in Blog

Live Vlog on Facebook
I just did a live vlog on Facebook. I often go live on Facebook. Typically, ten o’clock in the morning is my “Go Live” time.

Dream Job UN
I started going live on Wednesday mornings with my “Dream Job UN” project.

Learning by Doing
Then I also went live on Fridays with “Learning by Doing” – another group I started on Facebook. Then a few weeks ago I decided to just go live on Monday morning. It was the – Expose yourself; be authentic – show the world who you really are – live vlog. This morning it was suddenly ten o’clock and I thought I better just do it. When I don’t “just do it”; it just doesn’t happen. I’ve been meaning to write my blog for ages, and I even keep talking about it in my lives. So here I am now knuckling down to “just do it” in writing my blog.

On the one hand I think who is going to read my blog. On the other hand, I write for myself. I’ve determined to write my blog to have a journal of where I’m at; what I’m doing; what I’m thinking.
Funny thing is – I keep thinking I am so insignificant. My life must be so boring. Nobody will want to read my stories. On the other hand, I know I have a gift for expressing myself. So often after I have written something people compliment me and thank me.
I even enjoy doing it! So perhaps this is where I should be investing my energies more often? Each day?

Reformat the blog
I’m still working on reformatting my blog structure. I want to make categories and columns. I’m writing about it here because it becomes my accountability check.
In my video live vlog just now on Facebook I reminded myself of my own mother. I recorded her giving advice and did a blog post about it. Now I want to do another post with various videos.
I talked about walking in the forest. In fact, posting a blog article every day is also another thing I am even more likely to do than walk in the forest!

Do you know when I started writing about my health? Were you following me then? I had my knee replacement operations and thought I would document my recovery. I thought it might be interesting for others going through a similar situation.
Well, how many people do you know who had knee replacement surgery?
Fact is you often don’t even know what people are going through until you “out” yourself and then others will tell you of their similar experiences. I know I have heard that from so many breast cancer patients. I have a lot of girlfriends who only talk about their situation when specifically asked.
I guess breast cancer is more common than knee replacement surgery. I haven’t done any research. I’m just waffling on; I’m just guessing.

Where attention goes – energy flows
The point I wanted to make was that I was in the midst of my excursion into my deep-dive; navel-gazing analysis of my recovery process after my double knee replacement surgery – when I came across the concept that “where your attention goes – energy flows”.
If you keep focussing on your sore knees you’ll end up promoting more of the same.
So, I abandoned the idea of following my recovery process and started thinking about how great things were. Now two years later I must say that the pain in both knees is gone. I only have a little bit when I actually massage around the joints. I’ve come to believe that the residual pain I still have is a result of the damage done to the surrounding tissues in the time that I delayed my treatment thinking I do not have the time to take off work.
So, I am ruminating on the importance of taking the time to take care of yourself.
Bob Proctor taught me how important it is to have goals. You need to know what you want. That has been the hardest thing for me to clarify.

Money is energy
This week there is a MoneyFlow summit where lots of speakers are addressing the fact that money is energy. Years ago, I heard the terminology of “energy exchange” rather than payment to identify what happens when we pay for a service we receive. It was even in the Celestine Prophesy which I read decades ago. They said there how important it was to give back something when you receive. They stressed how important it was for people to pay you for the service you give them. How important it is for you to pay when people give you something.
Now I know some people feel like they can’t come to visit you unless they bring something with them. Personally, I think you should be able to visit anybody without feeling obliged in any way. I want to be free to go where I want; when I want and not stop myself from going just because I don’t have a gift.

Aloe Vera
On the other hand, when we have all our aloe vera plants and they just keep budding and multiplying – I love passing them on and making room on our windowsills for the others to grow.
Apart from that, my first plants came from my mother. I attach a certain concept of growing; giving; generosity – abundance. Yes abundance. I would say love and fertility but especially abundance. Yes, our plants have been growing and multiplying ever since. Occasionally a plant or two bloom. Then I think of the giant plants my Mum had outside in her front yard. It is so much warmer in Melbourne than in Vienna. Though they say you freeze in Melbourne in winter because the houses are not so insulated nor heated as efficiently as here in Europe.

We just discussed getting electric fan heaters for the primary rooms we stay in during the winter. We love our large apartment and feel very privileged to be living in this beautiful city. The current political situation and gas prices have us reconsidering all the concepts we once had about efficient and economic heating. Unfortunately, the tiled stoves we have in two rooms which once heated these rooms in years gone by have been deemed unfit for use.
I appreciate the passing of time; the seasons; the life cycles. I love where I am now and wonder how on earth I got here.
It becomes obvious the decisions we make through out our lives lead us down a certain path. To see and embrace the opportunities that arise is a privilege a blessing and a reminder. Tomorrow I may have another choice; another chance; another opportunity.
Let’s realize our potential by connecting; by creating new opportunities; by communicating.

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